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Feeding the troll, part 2

July 17, 2010

this is what a feminist troll looks likeMy old friend Butterflywings – whose attempts at internet trolling I wrote about here – has submitted a couple of comments to my previous post. They have absolutely no relevance to that piece, of course, although in their own little way they’re really quite priceless, so I thought I’d share them here instead: transphobic hate speech of this calibre needs to put into the public domain so everyone can see it.

I’m not going to bother applying the pink sparklehammer of deconstruction to them; they speak for themselves. It is worth noting, though, that these are the words of a cis woman feminist. This, as they say, is what a feminist looks like.

Author : Butterflywings
E-mail :
Fuck you, little child. Your attempts to smear me all over the Internet are hilariously pathetic. You’re the one that hangs out in little cliques of people who agree with you.
Accuse me of trolling? Now I am. No point having a debate with morons, after all.

Author : Butterflywings
E-mail :
You think you’re so great, don’t you? You realise everyone is laughing at you? I could demolish your pathetic attempt to argue against my arguments if I could be bothered, but frankly, posting links that agree with you…isn’t argument. Trannies are a bit thick, aren’t they.

It’s like waking up to find small piles of very smelly cat poo dotted around the place.

Time for some music, I think.


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This is not a trans woman

November 22, 2009

“I’ve had worse”

September 15, 2009

So then.

    what fucking community?

  • So this week I’ve still not felt much like blogging
    • because the trans related news stories and blog commentaries still seem overwhelmingly filled with (increasingly heated) speculation about the IAAF.
    • And really, what’s the point in getting that irate about still-unconfirmed rumours? Give it a week and the results and punishment will be public and maybe then there really will be something to be indignant about – but maybe y’all just have an unlimited capacity for anger.
  • I’ve also not felt much like blogging
    • because everywhere else I look in Blogdonia, it seems people are just laying into each other, dusk til dawn, 24/7. The ad hominem attacks continue, each one more noxious than the last. I see people I like and respect ripping the heads off other people I like and respect. I see this little gang savaging that little gang, and while they’re all busy chopping each other into dogmeat, another gang’s piling on to the first two. And so on.
    • And I despair. We have bigger enemies – shared enemies – but hey, let’s just beat each other up some more, shall we? Oy! What’re you looking at? Did you spill my beer? Are you breathing my air? And so on.
  • And I’ve not felt much like blogging
    • because I think my perspectives are changing. I still feel very low about the bust-up with my (ex-)family, I’m really struggling to deal with it; and then all the violence, hatred and fighting I mentioned up there – like watching a classroom full of sociopathic five-year-olds arguing over who gets to pull the wings off a butterfly – leaves me wondering why I stick around.
    • And I mean, really. Do you know what you look like? What you sound like? “Second toughest in the infants”, indeed.
  • And, despite Em and Lucy’s excellent ideas about cake-eating kittens,
    • well, I just don’t even have the energy to run a Google image search and fire up Potatoshop.
    • But this video is such a perfect microcosm of what everyone in Blogdonia seems to be doing to everyone else, so I hope it’ll be an acceptable substitute for the lack of cakey kittehs.

Pfft. My spirit’s weary and I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Try and keep the shouting down, eh? – Oh, and for fuck’s sake mop up the blood and put the severed limbs in the bin when you’ve finished please.


This week, I have mostly not been blogging about…

September 12, 2009
  • …the International Association of Athletics Federations
    • because it has still officially to confirm the outcome of the sex and/or gender tests it ordered to be carried out on the athlete Caster Semenya, and the action it intends to take. Until then, all the acres of print and millions of pixels of digital media given over to the subject are nothing more or less than pointless speculation.
    • However the real issue remains not what may or may not being going on inside Caster Semenya’s underwear – but the IAAF’s discriminatory, heavy-handed and inappropriate gender policing.
  • …Jasper’s pontifications on TransGriot’s post (Stealth was a mistake) at Feministe
    • because I would rather remove my own appendix with a warm spoon than waste my time applying the pink sparklehammer of deconstruction to hir meaningless verbiage.
    • However it seems ze continues to be a pompous ass with an over-inflated sense of self-importance and the most fragile ego in California.
  • Anyone who thinks ze has the right to judge my self-identity
    • because ze doesn’t.
    • However I reserve the right to self-identify and define myself in any way I deem appropriate, without justifying my existence to anyone. And no, that doesn’t mean that I am erasing/invisibilising/marginalising/oppressing anyone else in the process – make your own labels – be your own god – build your own Stonehenge. I don’t care.
  • Cake
    • because I have none.
    • However I intend to rectify this situation without further delay.

And now the news headlines where you live…