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Feeding the troll, part 2

July 17, 2010

this is what a feminist troll looks likeMy old friend Butterflywings – whose attempts at internet trolling I wrote about here – has submitted a couple of comments to my previous post. They have absolutely no relevance to that piece, of course, although in their own little way they’re really quite priceless, so I thought I’d share them here instead: transphobic hate speech of this calibre needs to put into the public domain so everyone can see it.

I’m not going to bother applying the pink sparklehammer of deconstruction to them; they speak for themselves. It is worth noting, though, that these are the words of a cis woman feminist. This, as they say, is what a feminist looks like.

Author : Butterflywings
E-mail :
Fuck you, little child. Your attempts to smear me all over the Internet are hilariously pathetic. You’re the one that hangs out in little cliques of people who agree with you.
Accuse me of trolling? Now I am. No point having a debate with morons, after all.

Author : Butterflywings
E-mail :
You think you’re so great, don’t you? You realise everyone is laughing at you? I could demolish your pathetic attempt to argue against my arguments if I could be bothered, but frankly, posting links that agree with you…isn’t argument. Trannies are a bit thick, aren’t they.

It’s like waking up to find small piles of very smelly cat poo dotted around the place.

Time for some music, I think.


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BBC research into “diverse communities” excludes trans people

January 23, 2010

This is hardly a surprise and I only post about it ‘for the record’. Via the BBC News website:

The BBC has commissioned a wide-ranging investigation into how lesbian, gay and bisexual people are portrayed on TV, radio and online.

The research will ask a variety of people across the country what they think about subjects such as jokes, dramatic storylines and stereotyping.

The BBC’s Tim Davie said it was “vital” for the corporation to reflect the “diverse communities” across the UK.

He added that the findings would “deepen our understanding” of viewers.

The three-part study will include audience research, an online survey and a consultation with lesbian, gay and bisexual community groups across the UK.

So “diverse communities” include cis LGB people – but not trans LGB people? How unusual.

“This is the most comprehensive piece of research ever carried out in this area by the BBC and we’re doing it because, as a public service broadcaster, we have a responsibility to serve all of our audiences.”

“It’s vital that we reflect the differences among all of the UK’s diverse communities, nations and regions.”

And this transsexual woman will look forward to that vital reflection, Mr Davies. What a shame that you missed the ideal opportunity to do that with this research project.