This week, I have mostly not been blogging about…

September 12, 2009
  • …the International Association of Athletics Federations
    • because it has still officially to confirm the outcome of the sex and/or gender tests it ordered to be carried out on the athlete Caster Semenya, and the action it intends to take. Until then, all the acres of print and millions of pixels of digital media given over to the subject are nothing more or less than pointless speculation.
    • However the real issue remains not what may or may not being going on inside Caster Semenya’s underwear – but the IAAF’s discriminatory, heavy-handed and inappropriate gender policing.
  • …Jasper’s pontifications on TransGriot’s post (Stealth was a mistake) at Feministe
    • because I would rather remove my own appendix with a warm spoon than waste my time applying the pink sparklehammer of deconstruction to hir meaningless verbiage.
    • However it seems ze continues to be a pompous ass with an over-inflated sense of self-importance and the most fragile ego in California.
  • Anyone who thinks ze has the right to judge my self-identity
    • because ze doesn’t.
    • However I reserve the right to self-identify and define myself in any way I deem appropriate, without justifying my existence to anyone. And no, that doesn’t mean that I am erasing/invisibilising/marginalising/oppressing anyone else in the process – make your own labels – be your own god – build your own Stonehenge. I don’t care.
  • Cake
    • because I have none.
    • However I intend to rectify this situation without further delay.

And now the news headlines where you live…


9 Responses to “This week, I have mostly not been blogging about…”

  1. flakylayers Says:

    Oh, mercy. I love the because/however construction of this, LOVE the line about your appendix, and I think this “Submit Comment” button should read, and perform the function, “Send Cake.”

  2. queenemily Says:

    om nom nom cake

  3. We are all just letters in the alphabetti spaghetti which has been served up to us on the burnt toast of life. Beware the knife and fork!

  4. Lucy Says:

    You should definitely be blogging more about cake. As should I. As should all right-thinking people.

    My cat is also complaining that not enough has been said about cats and blames it all on human victimism.

  5. Helen G Says:

    Cat blogging. There’s definitely room for more cat blogging on the web.

    Has yours considered setting up hir own blog for cat related rantings?

    Might be, erm, cathartic for hir…

  6. queen emily Says:

    Cats eating cake would knock both concepts up a notch..

  7. Helen G Says:

    Now that would rock.
    Bang tidy :)

  8. lucypaw Says:

    My cat hasn’t said anything about wanting a blog, but I’ll suggest it to him. I think he’s probably too busy what with his daily schedule of putting the smackdown on the roommate’s Siamese cats. Still, who knows? He is definitely an opinionated kinda guy so he might share his years of wisdom with the web.

    No cake for him, though. Well, maybe for his birthday next month. And if he promises not to write any “Trans: Ur Doing It Rong” posts on his blog. ;)

  9. queenemily Says:


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