“I’ve had worse”

September 15, 2009

So then.

    what fucking community?

  • So this week I’ve still not felt much like blogging
    • because the trans related news stories and blog commentaries still seem overwhelmingly filled with (increasingly heated) speculation about the IAAF.
    • And really, what’s the point in getting that irate about still-unconfirmed rumours? Give it a week and the results and punishment will be public and maybe then there really will be something to be indignant about – but maybe y’all just have an unlimited capacity for anger.
  • I’ve also not felt much like blogging
    • because everywhere else I look in Blogdonia, it seems people are just laying into each other, dusk til dawn, 24/7. The ad hominem attacks continue, each one more noxious than the last. I see people I like and respect ripping the heads off other people I like and respect. I see this little gang savaging that little gang, and while they’re all busy chopping each other into dogmeat, another gang’s piling on to the first two. And so on.
    • And I despair. We have bigger enemies – shared enemies – but hey, let’s just beat each other up some more, shall we? Oy! What’re you looking at? Did you spill my beer? Are you breathing my air? And so on.
  • And I’ve not felt much like blogging
    • because I think my perspectives are changing. I still feel very low about the bust-up with my (ex-)family, I’m really struggling to deal with it; and then all the violence, hatred and fighting I mentioned up there – like watching a classroom full of sociopathic five-year-olds arguing over who gets to pull the wings off a butterfly – leaves me wondering why I stick around.
    • And I mean, really. Do you know what you look like? What you sound like? “Second toughest in the infants”, indeed.
  • And, despite Em and Lucy’s excellent ideas about cake-eating kittens,
    • well, I just don’t even have the energy to run a Google image search and fire up Potatoshop.
    • But this video is such a perfect microcosm of what everyone in Blogdonia seems to be doing to everyone else, so I hope it’ll be an acceptable substitute for the lack of cakey kittehs.

Pfft. My spirit’s weary and I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Try and keep the shouting down, eh? – Oh, and for fuck’s sake mop up the blood and put the severed limbs in the bin when you’ve finished please.



One Response to ““I’ve had worse””

  1. javier Says:

    hi there.
    the “community” is amok with people lashing out, but mostly you’ll notice it’s a few same people each time.and they pull others in a bit.personally i have been going around here and there and “setting the record straight” in my own way re all of the types of people who have rights in the (for lack of a better word)”leftist/gender left”?community)whatever.
    not that we’re all leftists!

    i made a comment to someone earlier re all this, trying to be nice to her and saying
    ” it’s not you, you did good,etc”
    in one of the online skirmishes.
    but she won’t seemingly post it(moderation)
    i guess she is too pissed(not at me, i don’t even know her)
    but anyway, i tried.oh well….
    you can only try.

    as to me, i’m ftm…doesn’t give one alot in common with other people in reality.

    oh well another day another community war.
    actually to get my mind off it i stream movies on my computer.
    better then tv.
    take care (as we say in the states.)

    ps you have some great links here.

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