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Ohz noez! Not *another* 2008 roundup…

December 31, 2008

Bird of Paradox logoBeen a funny old year, one way or another. The online trans community is, by definition, not only global, but also far-flung to the point of attenuation. As such it’s an almost impossible task to pick out the traditional 10 best posts, so I’ll totally cop out of that and instead, point you in the direction of my blogroll and suggest you go straight to the source(s).

Having decided to break with the ’10 best posts’ tradition, I thought it might be interesting (for me, at least) to browse through some of the comprehensive collection of facts’n’ figures in the BoP blog stats vaults. I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised – and you know how much I like to share!

19012ETA, 10.30pm: My usually irritating attention to detail meant that I couldn’t log out of BoP for the night without one last obsessive glance at the stats page… And… ZOMFGWTFLULZ!!!1!!!1!! In the last hours of the last day of the year, BoP has passed the 19,000 hits mark! How amazing is that – 19,012 unique views! Yay all my bloggy visitors and yay Bird of Paradox!


Where was I? Oh yes: so, without further ado, BoP loudly presents the first and final blog stats update for 2008…


  • Total views: 19,012
  • Busiest month: November – 5,085 views
  • Busiest day: Friday, 3 October – 717 views
  • Views per day (overall average) – 78 views

Top Posts for all days ending 2008-12-31 (Summarized)

Search Terms for all days ending 2008-12-31 (Summarized)

  • bird of paradox – 84 views
  • kellie telesford – 37 views
  • angie zapata – 25 views
  • pregnant man – 18 views
  • julie bindel – 16 views
  • transgender day of remembrance 2008 – 16 views
  • lgbtory – 15 views
  • angie zapata murder – 14 views
  • thomas beatie – 13 views
  • ken zucker – 11 views

tg_black-on_pink_100x107My favourite search terms would have to be transsexual neck, wizard medical and smultron female – but I think I like this one the best: ordinary middle aged transgender women… Yep, I know that feeling!

A big hand for the spam monster: “Akismet has protected your site from 936 spam comments already, but there’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment”. Just as well, really, I still take it unnecessarily personally when some idiot spambot decides I need to remortgage my p3n15. “Too late!”, I rage futilely at the screen…

20081225-240x389And, last but not least, a big thank you for all the support and encouragement I’ve had from the huge number of people who’ve visited the site. Friends, bloggers, friendly bloggers, everyone – and no, I’m not naming names, you know who you are :)

When I took this blog out of cold storage in May and started to post more regularly, I didn’t for one minute imagine it would ever be as well-supported as it has been, so to have received nearly 19,000 views in such a short time is as confidence-boosting as it’s humbling.

May the coming year bring you everything you wish for yourselves.



A Transsexual Perspective on the Feminist Debate

December 5, 2008

Facebook trans logoThe mass debate (oh joy, schoolyard humour) between Susan Stryker and Julie Bindel – which I previously flagged up in this post – is to be webcast at today at 2pm (UK time), for anyone interested.

This has been a public service announcement (and not an advert)


Nostalgia Corner: Back in the summer I tried to follow my niece’s graduation webcast from Manchester Uni.

The quality was rubbish.


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October 31, 2008

Beyond cute
Beyond sucky
Beyond sense, beyond reason, beyond fair.


…and another thing…

October 31, 2008

It’s when I read stuff like this (and see also this) that – apart from raised blood pressure and shouting at the monitor – I begin to think that when my special radfem friends accuse me of being a ‘US-style radical trans activist’ (or whatever the fuck) – well, you know, I start to think that I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks.

Because as long as there are clueless jackass apologists like Althea Garrison around, then the trans community needs as many damn activists as it can get. Even rubbish ones like me. Because, frankly, the way I see it, people like her are a far bigger menace than some uppity Brit trans woman.


/rant mode off
/end message

Men are from Earth, women are from Earth

October 20, 2008

Interesting article in yesterday’s Sunday Times (link here) about the Conservative party seeking advice from a marketing agency on “deciphering the female psyche”. Apparently:

The consultants use research drawn from brain science, anthropology and marketing to help their clients to improve their understanding of women consumers. Their big idea is that while men regard the world as a stadium in which they compete, women are more “altruistic” and “utopian”.

The consultants, who are close to Steve Hilton, [David] Cameron’s director of stategy, have been holding regular meetings with the Tory leadership for the past 18 months. Their influence can be seen in the Tories’ changes in marketing, political style and policies. The replacement of the “phallic” Tory torch logo with the “organic” oak tree brand was a clear attempt to create a more female-friendly image.


Partly at the suggestion of his new advisers, the Tory leader has played down traditional Conservative “masculine” subjects such as tax cuts and Europe in favour of more “feminine” issues such as maternity nurses, schools and care for the elderly.


The consultants point to scientific research which shows that while men use only part of their brains, women are more “whole-brained”.

Men are described as active, analytical, competitive and interested in things, while women are more concerned with feelings, relationships, people and empathy.

“Women have a stronger sense of moral order and justice and are, as a result, driven to improve the world at large,” the consultants write.

So are they really saying that taxation and European issues are subjects which don’t appeal to women voters, and that women can’t be analytical and “interested in things”? – whatever that means.

“Whereas men are most likely to think the nation’s most pressing issues are budget and cutting spending, women […] are more inclined to favour social programmes and services such as education, healthcare and childcare, poverty, joblessness, environment, world hunger and the United Nations.”

The report specifically mentions the party’s intention “to woo the middle-class mothers whose votes are likely to determine the outcome of the next general election”. Given the condescending attitude which seems to pervade the strategy, it’s amazing they think that the targetted voters are even going to be able to find their way to the polling station without the help of a man, let alone manage to put one’s ‘X’ in the right box as well.

I really can’t help but wonder why politicians think that a campaign apparently based on hopelessly outmoded and inaccurate stereotypes is likely to be more successful in attracting a specific group of voters than a campaign which considers the real needs of real women in real life.


Cross-posted at The F-Word on 20 October 2008

Search me

October 17, 2008

I have just had – almost six months after really starting to use this blog – my first ewww search by some lovely visitor.

Said charmer entered this search string:

transgender -fuck -anal -shemale -ladyboy

It’s simultaneously laughable and creepy.

And now I must go and bleach my brain.



ETA, Saturday 18 October: Me and my big mouth. Today, someone has searched BoP for:

tube ladyboy

No ‘minus’ signs this time.

…*le sigh*…
What are people thinking of?
No, don’t tell me, I probably don’t want to know :(

That’s “Mister” Frankenstein’s monster to you, sonny…

October 16, 2008

That's "Mister" Frankenstein's monster to you, sonny.Another facepalm moment brought to you by the legions of cis people who are apparently still allowed to leave their brains at home in a jar while they roam freely around in public…

Sometimes I think it’s not the students who are most in need of education; particularly when it comes to issues related to trans people. The News10 channel’s website has this report about a trans man who seems as if he’s trapped in a bizarre mediaeval nightmare where he’s being hounded out of house and home by angry villagers armed with pitchforks and blazing torches.

The truly depressing part is that the basic truth of the nightmare is still there when he wakes up. Except he’s not living in a mediaeval village in a mythical country ‘somewhere in central Europe’ – no, this horror story is unfolding in 21st century California…

Transgender Teacher Outed By Students At Vacaville School

VACAVILLE, CA – A Vacaville teacher’s gender reassignment surgery has caught the attention of some parents who want to know why the school district didn’t notify them ahead of time about the change.

Question: Why do they think they have any right to know about his surgery? From the rest of the story it’s clear they weren’t exactly planning on sending him flowers and grapes…

Question: If someone’s good enough at their job to hold down that position before they have surgery, how is having genital reaffirmation surgery going to remove those skills and abilities?

A music teacher at Foxboro Elementary School, who was formerly a woman, returned to school as a man at the beginning of the school year.

W-a-i-t a minute…


“[…] formerly a woman […]”

Formerly a woman? Way to erase his identity and demonstrate the journalist’s own prejudices…

The teacher, who was not identified is now being addressed as “Mister.”

How very generous. And what, pray, was he addressed as before?

No, don’t tell me, I can guess…

Some parents told Travis Unified School District that they feel like their rights to know were violated.

As above: why do they think they have any right to know about his surgery? Would they, I wonder, be even remotely interested if he’d gone in for, let’s say, a hernia repair? No, of course not. But this is about – gasp! – his genitalia, isn’t it? Therefore, by virtue of benefitting from cis privilege, these parental units believe they are somehow, by some (presumably) divine right, entitled to know about his genitals.

Yes, I said “divine right”, and yes, I meant it sarcastically, because I’m damned sure there must be anti-discrimination laws about this kind of harassment.

And if not, why not?

“All the information came straight from our kids and didn’t come from the school board or the teachers … this has all been second-hand information,” parent Melissa Oiland said.

Ah, so that’s why you’re all so indignant. Because the school didn’t tell you about the personal details of a teacher’s surgery. And why do you suppose they didn’t tell you?

Anything to do with this, perhaps?…

The district said it has to respect privacy and personal issues, and that it must preserve privacy rights of the teachers.

The school board said such disclosure would violate HIPAA privacy rules.

“I understand what parents are saying, but we have a right as an employer, we have a legal obligation as an employer to protect our employees,” Superintendent Kate Wren Gavlak said.

Gavlak said the district consulted with lawyers and determined that legally, it could not disclose any information about the teacher’s gender change.

“We will not be discussing personal matters with either the students, or the parents or the community at large … because we cannot,” Gavlak said.

Well, thank Maud for that. Somebody realises there are privacy rules.

But since when do legal protections matter when we’re talking about trans people? After all, a parent’s right to reactionary, ignorant outrage is far more important than any worthless trans person’s statutory rights, isn’t it?

Gahh, this makes me so frickin angry.

…in case you hadn’t noticed…

People, this is a real human being we’re talking about here – not some fictional scary monster marauding unfettered through the hallowed groves of academe, terrorising your precious babies.

Although, clearly, these idiots don’t see it that way:

Parent Angela Weinzinger, who has three children at the school, said she has since transferred her children out of the class.

“I wasn’t given the opportunity to make a choice on what I wanted to do with the situation,” Weinzinger said.

So far, 23 students from 15 different families have transferred their children out of the music class and into a physical education class.

Yeah, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.



“Was there no injustice in this? Am I to be thought the only criminal, when all human kind sinned against me?” (Mary Shelley ‘Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus’, 1818 – Ch. 24. [Via])

Transphobe Bindel Nominated as Stonewall’s Journalist of the Year

October 14, 2008

I’ve avoided mentioning this for two reasons:

  1. I think Bindel is possibly one of the most ignorant and hateful journalists ever to have been given a public platform (although it would be a close fight with Greer). Even on a good day this winds me up more than I can say and makes it hard for me to be objective.
  2. For the past couple of days I’ve been struggling with the most intense bout of PMS I think I’ve ever had. Today I’m absolutely raging with it and at the moment I don’t know that I can write anything much more than gaaaahhhhhhhh! grrrrrrrrrrrrr! kill all humans! oww-ooooooooo! Which is maybe not terribly incisive or insightful but it sure as hell makes me feel better. You got a problem with that, pal? ;)
  3. Other people have blogged about it far more eloquently than I can manage right now. So I think that, under the circumstances, it’s better if I just link and let people like my good friends Sarah and Lisa (also here and here) document it in a much more rational and lucid way. I know others have also written about this insulting and offensive farce – and I’ll link them too in due course…
    But right now I have to go and howl at the full moon which I know is out there somewhere, and snap at people, and kick computers because it’s about as much productivity as I can manage today. Oww-oooOOooo!

Oh okay, okaythree reasons!


ETA: And if that fucking spambot John from Asshats On Line doesn’t leave me the fuck alone I swear I will hunt him down like the mechanical dog he is and rip out his silicon heart with my bare hands. And fuck the broken fingernails. Fucking fuck. What is wrong with these people?



Second ETA: Okay, so now it’s later and here are a few other links as promised.


Third ETA (Thursday 16 October): Via Sarah:

This information has been passed on to me with instructions that I am allowed to disseminate it:

I have just been in contact with people at the Metropolitan Police(MPS). The MPS would normally support an event such as the Stonewall Awards they will not be doing so his year.

I am not going so far as to say there was a linkage. The reason I am told was along the lines of the awards no longer reflecting the MPS’s values of inclusiveness.

I should make it clear that they will still be policing the event and that any protest MUST be peaceful.

That’s all I know. Personal comment – it looks like the MPS have really upped their game after Toiletgate. This has made my day!


Fourth ETA (Friday 17 October): Lisa has an update here about The Gender Trust’s engagement with the protest – and, within hours, a rapid U-turn.

These organisations need to understand, and a bit sharpish, that if they ain’t for us, then they’re agin us.

And really, as the song goes – what have you done for me lately? Not much, by the looks. At least, nothing useful.