Elephant talk

June 12, 2010

Elephant talk: (l-r) Gaj Mani, In Your Trunk (Turn The Bass Up...) and Simply Silver

I had a routine electrolysis session scheduled for this morning; I made the effort to leave the flat earlier than I might otherwise have done and made a detour via Green Park where, according to the Elephant Parade website, there was a ‘Happy Herd’. I wasn’t disappointed, the herd turned out to be, well, I found three, and I think there were others elsewhere in the park. Sadly, I didn’t have time to find them all, but I still spotted over twenty ellies!

I’m glad to have seen them; from the discussions on the Facebook page, I gather that the round-up begins next week in advance of the pre-auction display of all 258 ellies at the Chelsea Royal Hospital at the end of the month.

I’m really going to miss seeing the various ellies dotted randomly around town – but I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole herd in one place!

Anyway – I’ve added today’s pictures to my Elephant Parade page – click here to see them.

This bear is riding an elephant - your argument is invalid


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  1. JessM Says:

    Ohhh the elephant carrying a bear!!!

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