Turkey: Life sentences demanded for alleged murderer of three women

June 7, 2010

Turkish flagA couple of months ago I wrote about the consecutive murders of three women in İzmir, one of whom, Azra, was one of the first members of Siyah Pembe, which the local İzmir government has been trying to shut down. A cis man, originally identified only by his initials (H.A.) was arrested on suspicion of carrying out the shootings, and the murder trial looks to be coming to a head.

Life sentences demanded for alleged murderer

A prosecutor has demanded three life sentences and 45 years in prison for a suspected murderer who killed two women and a transvestite in İzmir in April.

Hamdi Ayrı confessed to killing three people in İzmir and said he murdered them for money, also admitting that he doesn’t trust women. Police caught Ayrı in a hostel in Muğla’s Bodrum district, where he fled after committing the murders.

An indictment prepared by a prosecutor stated that when he was arrested a fake identity card, TL 645 in cash, a gun, newspaper clips about the murders and a photograph of the transvestite he killed were found. It was also stated in the indictment that the killer used the same 7.65 mm handgun in all three murders according to a ballistics examination by police.

The prosecutors seek three life sentences for the murders along with 45 years in prison for stealing and possession of an unregistered gun. The suspect will stand trial at the 7th High Criminal Court in İzmir.

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  2. Ruth Says:

    Really, really hope that (if he’s guilty) he goes down for a long, long, long time.

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