Andrea Waddell: murder trial update – jury retires (4 June 2010)

June 4, 2010

Via The Argus:

Andrea Waddell (image via The Argus)The jury in a sex worker murder case is expected to retire today to consider its verdict.

Neil McMillan, 42, is accused of strangling 29-year-old […] Andrea Waddell at her home in Upper Lewes Road, Brighton, before setting fire to her flat on October 15 last year.

Ms Waddell […] used the Adult Work website, which McMillan is alleged to have visited regularly.

TV satellite installer McMillan, of Bennett Road, Brighton, denies murder and arson with intent to endanger life.

ETA: There’s a little more context in Lynn News’ report:

[…] McMillan, 42, is alleged to have applied “unremitting pressure” to 29-year-old Ms Waddell’s neck for about 20 seconds while he was in a “worked up and angry mood” on October 15 last year.

Jurors were asked to consider whether he killed her after discovering she was transgender or because she had been unable, through her physical problems, to perform sexually for him.

Lewes Crown Court heard that he went to his own nearby home afterwards to shower and wash his clothes in an attempt to cover his tracks.

Prosecutor Simon Russell Flint QC said that earlier, when he arrived at Ms Waddell’s flat at about 10.30pm, he had drunk about seven pints of beer during the previous four hours.

He spouted expletives during the taxi ride to her home, telling the driver that all people in Cork, Ireland, were a “bunch of c****”.

Mr Russell Flint said: “It was in that mood, with those parting words, that he went up the stairs to Andrea Waddell’s flat and within an hour she was dead.” […]


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