Student attacked at CSULB speaks at rally

April 30, 2010

Via Press-Telegram:

Colle Carpenter speaks at the Take Back The Night event - Image via Press-Telegram (Stephen Carr)

Transgender CSULB student Colle Carpenter speaks at the Take Back The Night event at the Cal State Long Beach campus on Thursday. On April 15 Carpenter was attacked while on a break from class; Take Back The Night is an international event held primarily on college campuses and is intended as a protest and direct action against rape and other forms of sexual violence.

There’s a video at the Press-Telegram site but I can’t work out how to embed BrightCove vids in WordPress and couldn’t find a different format anywhere else, so here’s the direct link to the video, and here’s a transcript of the parts of Colle’s speech as shown in that video:

I’ve been terrified to come back to campus… The person who attacked me knew my name… pushed me back into a stall and carved “it” into my chest.

For those of you that don’t know why “it” is such a derogatory term, it takes away a person’s humanity. It takes away their personhood and makes them less than human.

Know that what happened to me didn’t just happen to me – it happened to the entire community… Those of us that are visibly queer, those of us that are out about being queer, are scared.

Campus police are still looking for Mr Carpenter’s attacker.


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5 Responses to “Student attacked at CSULB speaks at rally”

  1. kinelfire Says:

    How incredibly wonderful he is, for speaking out, and so soon after the attack.

    I hope he knows that he has the support of thousands (if not millions) across the globe.

  2. William Says:

    I’ve posted about his story on my facebook and on (which is where me and my friends hang out).

    I’m proud of this guy and I support his decision to speak out.

  3. voz Says:

    Hmmm…what was a man doing at a women-only event?

    Not to take away from his trauma, but it begs the question os just what he was doing there, and how this group treats trans women if they feel that trans men have a place among women only groups.

  4. Helen G Says:

    And if this link is to be believed, he’s a tutor not a student…

  5. Ruth Says:

    What happened to him is awful, and good on him for speaking out against transphobic violence so soon after the attack.

    I have to admit though, I did wonder, if a Take Back the Night rally would have been quite so welcoming if a trans woman who had been attacked in a similar way, had wanted to speak there. And looking at similar events in the UK, I would say sadly I doubt it. :-(

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