Turkey: suspected serial killer detained

April 28, 2010

Via Hurriyet Daily News and Today’s Zaman I learn of the consecutive murders of three women in the İzmir province since Saturday. A cis man, identified only by his initials (H.A.) was apprehended early on Wednesday.

H.A.’s first alleged victim was Esar Yaşar, a female bank employee. She was shot in the head Saturday night in the Balçova district.

The second victim, Ayşe Selen Ayla, was attacked near her house.

The last victim, Has, a 30-year-old transvestite, was murdered Monday night when she was shot in the head in her car in the Konak district.

The suspect stole the victims’ bags and used the same gun in all three cases.

My condolences to the families, loved ones and friends of the murdered women.


ETA: As I have said before:

Across this fucked-up planet of ours, trans women are murdered at the rate of one every 52.5 hours – if this figure was translated into the cis community, it would equate to one cis woman murdered every 23 seconds, for no reason other than that they were cis.

So don’t tell me that our numbers are too small to get worked up about; proportionately the murders of trans women are of a scale that, in other contexts, would be considered near genocidal. If 1,332,000 cis women globally had been murdered in the past two years, for nothing more or less than being cis women, would that be ignored the way our murders are? Because, by a quick back-of-an-envelope calculation, that’s what our murder rate would translate to in cis society.


Update, 29 April: One of the victims, Azra, was one of the first members of Siyah Pembe, which the local İzmir government has been trying to shut down through a law suit (I wrote about it here).

Members of Siyah Pembe staged a silent protest and a candlelight vigil in İzmir to honour her memory and there are videos of the protest here


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  1. kinelfire Says:

    “So don’t tell me that our numbers are too small to get worked up about…”

    The idea that anyone would think someone’s murder is nothing to get upset about is horrible. And when the victim is murdered because of they person they are – nothing they did or said, no infringing on others’ human rights – it’s abhorent. Gah. Hell is other people.

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  3. sharav Says:

    Sıyah Pembe’s article about Azra:


  4. Helen G Says:

    Thanks sharav

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