Transphobic attack on student at California State University: request for further information

April 23, 2010

On Facebook yesterday, Gender Justice LA made this post which shared an email received from Katherine Ojeda Stewart of UCLA School of Law, Class of 2010.

The email stated that:

[…] a trans student left class thu night to go to the bathroom and on the way there was assaulted by someone who knew him by name but whom he didnt know. he beat him and threw him against a wall then carved “It” on his chest with a knife.

I can well believe that this attack on an unnamed trans man at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) took place, but so far I’ve been unable to find any other details of this account outside of Facebook and I find that surprising. I’d have thought that a story of this nature would be in the public domain by now.

So if anyone has any further information/resources such as local and/or national news reports that provide independent verification of the post on Facebook, please would you leave the links in comments?


ETA, Saturday 24 April: The Daily 49er carries this report:

A 27-year-old transgender student at Cal State Long Beach reported that he was attacked in a university restroom on the west side of the KKJZ building at about 9:30 p.m. on April 15.

According to a press release from CSULB Director of Media Relations Rick Gloady, “The suspect called the student by his first name, and the student responded. The student reported the suspect then pulled the student’s T-shirt up and over the student’s head and pushed him back into the stall. The suspect then used a sharp object to slash the student’s chest. The suspect then fled the area in an unknown direction of travel.”

Gloady said that no one has been arrested, and that he cannot say when further information will be released.

The University Police, according to the release, believe that this was an isolated incident and there is no additional threat to the campus community.

“All manners are being handled through our public affairs office,” said University Police Captain Fernando Solorzano, referring to how they are communicating to the press about the case.

Public Affairs Assistant Vice President Toni Beron was unable to be reached for comment.

Officers are continuing to investigate the case and ask that anyone having information regarding the matter contact Det. Johnny Leyva at 562-985-4101.

Let’s hope the University Police are correct in their belief that this was an isolated incident and there is no additional threat to other trans people in the area. Cases like this highlight how vulnerable trans people are to transphobic attacks and I hope that the attacker is apprehended at an early date; there are too many violent bigots ‘out there’ as it is.


Other reports may be found here, all seem to be quoting the same CSULB press release, although Press-Telegram adds that:

The 27-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital by a university instructor, but his injuries were not life threatening, and he was released that evening, said CSULB Spokesman Rick Gloady.


9 Responses to “Transphobic attack on student at California State University: request for further information”

  1. Brennan Says:

    That is just wrong! I honestly, for the life of me, cannot comprehend what must be going through someone’s mind for them to think that carving the word “It” into another person’s chest is ok by any means. I hope they’re caught and and that the university does something to increase campus security and teach others of the seriousness of this problem.

  2. nome Says:

    “>.<" is all I can muster to say right now…

  3. anonymous Says:

    The reason why it has not become more public is because the victim would like to deal with this privately. Please respect his wishes.

  4. Helen G Says:

    anonymous: It seems as though events have overtaken you – from Gender Justice LA’s initial publication of the email (sent by Katherine Ojeda Stewart of UCLA School of Law, Class of 2010) on Facebook; the numerous references to it on Twitter and other social networking sites; the press release by CSULB’s Director of Media Relations Rick Gloady and the many mentions in the local and national media – the news of this despicable attack is established in the public domain.

    However, I have seen no mention of any personal details of the trans man that would enable anyone outside CSULB to identify him individually and hope that that degree of anonymity will at least allow him the privacy you refer to.

    I – and, I’m sure, other readers of this blog – send my best wishes to the student and hope that he recovers fully. I also hope that the attacker is soon brought to justice.

  5. Dawn. Says:

    That is absolutely horrifying.

  6. Bill Diamond Says:

    Wow, that’s even worse than what happened to the Republican who was attacked had a backwards ‘B’ carved into her cheek.

  7. nome Says:

    Bill: Actually, she did it herself. There is no comparison.

  8. Alexis Says:

    absolutely revolting.

  9. Youngsook Says:

    really upsetting… lost my word.

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