Duanna Johnson: mistrial declared in civil rights trial

April 20, 2010

Via Associated Press (and many others):

A federal judge in Memphis has declared a mistrial for a former police officer charged with beating a transgender prisoner.

The mistrial was declared Monday after jurors began deliberating last Wednesday in the case against Bridges McRae. He was accused of violating the civil rights of Duanna Johnson […]

Johnson was repeatedly hit in the face with handcuffs as she was being booked into jail on a prostitution charge in February 2008. McRae testified Johnson pushed and scratched him and he was trying to control her.

The 43-year-old Johnson was shot to death later in 2008 on a street corner near her home. No one has been arrested.

Prosecutors say they plan to charge McRae again. He will stay free on his current bond.

And they say justice is blind


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3 Responses to “Duanna Johnson: mistrial declared in civil rights trial”

  1. Astrid Says:

    Interesting outcome, to use a huge understatement. What was supposed to be wrong with the trial?

  2. Helen G Says:

    If I understand correctly, it was on a technicality, in that the jury’s decison wasn’t unanimous (it was split 11 to 1 – in other words, one juror didn’t consider Mr McRae guilty, despite video evidence and all the witness testimony)

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