BoP receives NICE Award for good journalism on trans issues

April 10, 2010

Feeling jaded and cynical as I often do, it’s a rare thing for any blog comment to provoke a “Woo! Yay! Hoopla!” moment, but I’m delighted to have found just such a comment in the mod queue earlier today. Paris Lees at the Gender Trust Blog stopped by to let me know (link here) that Bird of Paradox has won their “NICE Award for good journalism on trans issues” this week.

(The Gender Trust is a UK-based organisation whose mission is “to improve the quality of life of trans people and their families by supporting them and working with anyone who is affected by gender identity issues”)

I’m absolutely chuffed to conkers about this but will spare you all a rambling Hollywood style speech and simply say thank you everyone, I’m really happy to receive this acknowledgement.



Edited to add: NICE stands for Not-offensive, Interesting, Clear and Educational.


6 Responses to “BoP receives NICE Award for good journalism on trans issues”

  1. earwicga Says:

    Congrats – chuffed for you. Thanks for writing BoP :)

  2. sharav Says:


    well-earned !

  3. gendertrust Says:

    Hiya it’s Paris here (Paris ‘Lees’ though!) I just thought I’d better clarify just what the NICE Award is:

    The STOP Award is our Shameful Transphobic Offensive Piece Award for piss-poor journalism.

    Our NICE Award however goes to Not-offensive, Interesting, Clear and Educational articles and publication

    We started this is a way to name and shame all the awful commentators out there – as well as acknowledge the good!

  4. Helen G Says:

    hi Paris

    Thanks for the clarification – and apologies for getting your name wrong (fixed now!)


  5. Ruth Moss Says:

    Yay you! Congratulations you deserve it!! :D

  6. Weasel Says:

    Congratulations, definitely well-earned :D

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