Indonesia: woman mutilated

April 7, 2010

Via the Jakarta Post:

Last week, local residents found a headless torso and severed body parts believed to be of a young woman, along the Kalimalang River.

Jakarta Police detectives suspect the person, whose mutilated remains were found recently in the Kalimalang River in East Jakarta and Bekasi, may have been a transsexual.

The police reached this conclusion by the following line of reasoning:

“Although the body has breasts, our forensic investigation found that the proportional size from the waist down was close to that of a male body,” Comr. Arif Setiawan, the city police’s detective, who is leading the mutilation case investigation, told reporters. [Via]

Thus are we indelibly marked as our assigned gender by cis people, even after we’ve been violently murdered because, as everybody knows, biology is destiny.


(Thanks to Eduarda in comments on my previous post for the links)


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