Mexico: woman beheaded

April 4, 2010

Via Carla Antonelli’s Diario Digital Transsexual comes this news about a frightening new form of warfare against us:

In a new attack against the transgender community, the body of an unnamed transgender woman was found yesterday in Chihuahua, Mexico, who had been beheaded and her head found more than a mile from her body.

The discovery was made at six in the morning to the south of the city. […] Her face showed signs of having been beheaded while still alive, because her eyes were open as a sign of fear and terror.


Note that this is the second assault on trans women in a month; previously a woman known as Carola was stabbed in the stomach by an unknown attacker.

The above quote has been run through Google Translate – anyone thinking of clicking on the link to the source report (below) should be aware that it contains graphic imagery which some may find triggering.


Trigger warning for graphic imagery:

Mujer transexual de México aparece decapitada en una nueva forma de brutal violencia hacia este colectivo


I’m a bit stuck for words right now; this is absolutely horrifying – a cold-blooded execution – and my thoughts are with the woman’s loved ones. I hope her murderer will be brought to justice as quickly as possible.


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  3. Astrid Says:

    Yuck, this is so sickening. My heart goes out to the woman’s loved ones, and I do hope the murderer will be brought to justice soon.

  4. Lynne Miles Says:

    God this is horrifying. That poor, poor woman and her poor family…

  5. Angela Says:

    Just horrible (is by far not strong enough)!

  6. The day after this horrible news, another trans woman was found in several pieces in Indonesia.

    I have noticed these two hedious crimes in (in portuguese, obviously) and on my blog, the second one is in english.

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  9. Paris Lees Says:

    Hiya, I read your blog regularly – don’t think I’ve commented before though. I just have to say well done as you have an amazing knack for picking up stories before anyone else.

    Also you won our NICE Award this week – I write a blog for the Gender Trust and we have a NICE Award for good journalism on trans issues and a STOP Award for transphobic crap.!/notes/gender-trust/the-gender-trust-blog-what-a-load-of-bollocks/382294484092

  10. Helen G Says:

    Paris: Thank you for the NICE Award, and for your kind words – I really appreciate the acknowledgement.

  11. Katrina Says:

    This is too shocking too comprehend. Wether this be the work of a Homacidal maniac; or, as I suspect a religest zealot, it should not happen, but sadly, murders like this will prevail. My heart goes out to the families of these brave martyrs.

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