Derailing For Dummies (Google cache reconstruction)

April 3, 2010

The original Derailing For Dummies website seems to have vanished back into the ether as mysteriously as it appeared a year ago.

I’ve grabbed a copy of Google’s cache of the page as it existed at at 12:47:27 GMT on 30 Mar 2010, and (through the magic of Tinkering With HTML For Dummies™) have rebuilt the last known version (0.3) here. I’ve left the content intact and only reformatted the HTML as necessary for the page to display correctly.

I’ve rebuilt it primarily for my own benefit – it’s a useful resource to have around – and as/when (if?) the original site reappears, I’ll take this page down.

Derailing For Dummies (Google cache reconstruction)


4 Responses to “Derailing For Dummies (Google cache reconstruction)”

  1. A Says:

    If you’re having trouble getting any parts of it, this may be of some use to you:

    I don’t know the URL to the derailing site but the purpose of this site is to archive the internet and it will likely be stored on there.

  2. Helen G Says:

    Ooh, nice idea, and thanks for taking the time to post the link – but sadly it found no matches for :(

  3. Laika Says:

    Thank you! This is a really useful resource so I’m glad to still have it~

  4. A Says:

    Well, it says “Material typically becomes available here 6 months after collection” so maybe it will be there eventually. Sorry it wasn’t any help.

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