IAAF still playing god with Caster Semenya’s life

March 12, 2010

By way of a postscript to my recent post about Caster Semenya, the AP, UKPA and others report that the IAAF’s fixation on “gender testing” still hasn’t reached a conclusion, seven months later.

“The IAAF and Caster Semenya’s representatives are still in discussions with a view to resolving the issues surrounding her participation in athletics,” said Nick Davies, the IAAF communications director at a World Indoor Championships press conference in Doha. “As a result no further comments will be made on this subject by the IAAF until further notice.” [UKPA]

It’s hard to truly comprehend not only the scale of the insensitivity of the IAAF, but also of the extent of the human rights abuses to which it’s subjected Caster Semenya – and don’t even start me on the racist and sexist aspects of its attack on her. It needs to take its collective head out of its ample backside and start figuring out how it’s going to start fixing the damage it’s done – before Ms Semenya takes the case to the UN.


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