Istanbul: another woman murdered

February 17, 2010

From our friends at Istanbul LGBTT:

On February 17 (last night) another trans-woman was found dead in her apartment ın Şehremin, İstanbul. Her name was Fevzi Yener and she was Aycan as a nickname. She was stabbed from 17 different points on her body. Aycan was together with her friend and she was also tried to be killed but she could escape from the emergeny exit in the apartment. Aycan’s friend has been hospitalized and she is recovering at the moment.


ETA, 18 February: I’m told that the Dutch section of Amnesty International will take action in support of Turkish trans people, while the German section will lead a project to help Turkish trans people to judicially appeal against the fines they get for practically anything they do. (See my earlier posts Easy Money and Not-so-easy money)

Additionally, Pembe Hayat, Human Rights Watch (HRW), ILGA-Europe and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) will soon be sending a letter to the Turkish authorities highlighting these recurrent incidents and calling for immediate action.

ILGA-Europe is visiting Ankara and Istanbul during the last week of April on a fact finding mission.


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