Update: Protest against “Queer Question Time” event at RVT London, 29 January

January 30, 2010

Despite freezing weather, about 40 or so people attended the demo which went off peacefully and with good humour. Although we were fewer in number than at 2008’s Stonewall UK protest, I believe we made our point and I hope that the organisers of any similar Queer Question Time events in the future will think twice before inviting known transphobic bigots into trans/queer friendly spaces.

It was great to catch up with people I haven’t seen since the TDOR vigil, and a good opportunity to make new friends, too. All in all, despite not having felt that cold since I don’t know when, I believe that a united (and vocal!) group of people made our point peacefully and positively.

onequeerone has posted a photo set up at Flickr and Facebook.


Photo from onequeerone’s QQT Protest at the RVT set and used in compliance with the Creative Commons License for non-commercial use.


ETA, Saturday 30 January: Here’s a direct link to a PDF file of the flyer that was handed out to all attendees of the event


ETA, Sunday 31 January: There’s a selection of videos from the demo up at YouTube:


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9 Responses to “Update: Protest against “Queer Question Time” event at RVT London, 29 January”

  1. Ruth Moss Says:

    Glad it went well. Was very glad to hear Ste McCabe dropped out by the way. Will buy his album when I get a bit of spare cash.

    Great turn out given it was freezing cold eh?

    Btw your hair’s looking fab. :-)

  2. nix Says:

    i see you there!!! glad it went well, even in the cold!

  3. Helen G Says:

    Thank you, both!

    Yes, kudos to Ste McCabe for taking a stand – his MySpace page is at http://www.myspace.com/stemccabe and you can check out his music, upcoming gigs list, etc, there.

    I’ve heard a couple of unconfirmed reports this morning that the QQT event itself was a little rowdy – sounds as though our little al fresco soiree (yay language mashup!) was an altogether more civilised affair :)

  4. Weasel Says:

    Glad to hear it went so well :). Was hoping to make it in, but Friday ended up being a non-starter for anything. And big ups to Ste McCabe.

  5. harpymarx Says:

    Glad it went well Helen and sorry I didn’t attend, would have liked to have shown solidarity and support.

  6. Helen G Says:

    hey, no problem – if you were at Chilcot you were probably frozen solid by 6pm anyway :)

    You following the trainwreck at the Guardian today?

    For context, the journalist Bea Campbell is a member of the Women’s National Commission and Green PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn.

    Yay for transphobic bigots in comfy governmental and other positions of power? There will never be social justice for transsexual women and men as long as cis women like her and Julie Bindel have such power. The question is now, what can any one individual do about it? I begin to think that, in their own way, cis women like these are every bit as dangerous as the cis men who beat, rape and murder transsexual women as part of this undeclared war which, it now seems clear, is being waged against us on all fronts.

  7. harpymarx Says:

    Indeed was soaked and frozen…took me an hour to thaw out… Brrrr…

    Just read the appalling piece by Campbell (Bea Campbell never changes…). Bea Campbell and Julie Bindel do have immense power when writing their columns. They enter the political arena and they should expect criticism and people organising against them.

  8. Helen G Says:

    Monday 1st February – Another trainwreck-in-progress at The Guardian.

    It’s all starting to feel verrrry pre-planned. Cynical and manipulative, even. Drama draws visitors, makes advertisers happy.

    And cis people pontificating about trans people’s lived experiences is always offensive in the way it Others us, and it’s no less the case just because it happens in a national newspaper.

    Time to disengage from all that, I think; it’s of no practical value to me or mine.

  9. […] how Bindel didn’t like activists on Friday at the RVT.  In fact her dislike was so intense that she got her little friends to come out in support of […]

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