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January 27, 2010

VWHC logoIn July 2009 I wrote here and here about Lu’s Pharmacy in Vancouver and their denial of access to transsexual women to their services on the grounds that we aren’t “women who were born women” (Via Vancouver Women’s Health Collective’s Our Political Agreements statement – direct link to PDF here).

However, it seems from the transcanada LJ comm (via Google blog search) that, as from 21 January 2010, Lu’s Pharmacy will offer its services to transsexual women.

A further post (via Google blog search), suggests that at least three trans women have been to Lu’s Pharmacy without being thrown out. It’s to be hoped that the women were able, without hindrance or harassment, to access the resources offering a “full-service pharmacy” as well as “advice on your medication and your healthcare”. (Via VWHC website – Lu’s Services)


Vancouver Womens’ Health Collective changed their policy, and Transphobe Caryn Duncan resigned the same week.

Of course it’s heartening to hear of cis women not only recognising their cissexism but also taking positive steps to begin putting right some of the wrongs they have committed in the name of a toxic and elitist feminism, and for that alone, this news is to be welcomed. However, there is no excuse for complacency on the part of any of the staff at Lu’s Pharmacy and it’s to be hoped that all concerned will now work with trans women to ensure that the transphobia so shamefully enshrined in the former regime under the directorship of Caryn Duncan is comprehensively and permanently rooted out.


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4 Responses to “Lu’s Pharmacy update”

  1. earwicga Says:

    So where’s the official statement from VWHC then? They need to pull their finger out and make this more than hearsay.

  2. Helen G Says:

    Agreed, an official announcement from VWHC/Lu’s Pharmacy is now required without further delay.

  3. Anji Says:

    This is great news, though you’re right that it should be viewed with some trepidation until they have proven through their actions that they are working to permanently eradicate cissexism.

  4. Oshaberi Says:

    Their website still needs updating too. They link to some old articles about their transphobia without a note, almost as if it was a selling point. And their webpage says “Please note that our centre is a space for women only”.
    They don’t mention trans women anywhere.

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