Protest against “Queer Question Time” event at RVT London, 29 January

January 24, 2010

This Friday, 29 January 2010, an event called Queer Question Time will be held at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) in London. The RVT website says that there will be “Hard Hitting Debate”, featuring amongst its invited panellists David Gold (Conservative parliamentary candidate for Eltham), Ken Livingstone (former Mayor of London) and Julie Bindel, the transphobic cis lesbian woman and lifestyle journalist.

A protest is being organised against the organisers’ decision to include the last-named person – you can find full details on this Facebook page – and further background can be found in this Facebook Note.

1queer1, the noted genderqueer, performer and photographer has posted the text of a letter sent to the RVT about the event and the contact email address for the RVT is posted on its website as


ETA, Monday 25 January:

Aunty Sarah has posted an update over at her LJ, and cross-posted at her DW:

The organisers of QQT responded to our call for a demonstration, which at the time of writing has 73 confirmed attendees and 124 “maybes”, with a defiant claim that we are, in fact, the bad guys. Rather than being silenced ourselves, so the claim goes, we horrid trans and queer people are trying to censor, yes, censor Julie Bindel.

That’s right – a group of people on Facebook are trying to silence a journalist with a regular column in a major national newspaper and, by all accounts, some considerable influence at Westminster, because we can totally do that.


QQT organisers – over to you.


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  1. Ruth Moss Says:

    Oh good lord not Bindel… >:-(

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