Happy stalky stalky, happy stalk

January 17, 2010

I’ve had an online presence of one sort or another since I got on the internet after it was commercialised in the mid-1990s. In all that time, although I’ve been careful about which details I put online, I’ve never felt the need to be secretive about who I am or how to contact me – and I guess I’ve been lucky that nothing nasty’s ever resulted from my being (comparatively) open. Until now.

A couple of days ago on Twitter, I got into an argument with someone – that’s no big deal, these things happen. Previously, my experience has been that any differences of opinion are either resolved, or we simply walk away and stay out of each other’s faces. But this most recent disagreement with some random stranger on the internet has provoked an invasion of my (anyway limited) online privacy which has left me feeling really rattled. The fall-out spilled over from Twitter, via this blog, to one of my main email accounts. And finding myself the only name on a Twitter list, started by the partner of my stalker, and labelled “justplainfuckedinthehead” hasn’t helped my sense of safety, either.

So this post is just to say that I’ve set up a new (locked) Twitter account to replace the soon-to-be-deleted compromised one, and will be re-following people over the next few days.

As for this blog and the email address; I’m weighing up my options. Comments are now closed here for obvious reasons and there’s a good chance I’ll relocate this blog elsewhere in the near future; likewise, the unsafe email address will probably also have to go.

Normal service will be resumed shortly. I hope.

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