Return of the invasion of the uterus snatchers

January 8, 2010

Photo of Sarah Luiz (Renee Baker/Dallas Voice)I wrote last October (link here) about a BBC news report which suggested that the first successful human womb transplant could take place within two years. I talked about how the story resonated with me quite strongly, although I doubted very much that such an option would ever be available to me (assuming that various obstacles were surmountable).

Now it seems, from this report in the Dallas Voice, that one trans woman, Sarah Luiz, is pushing hard to make the idea of a uterus transplant become reality, for her at least.

Sarah Luiz says she knows in her heart of hearts that she’s living a life true to her being — which is why she feels confident she’ll be the first transgender woman to give birth.

Luiz knows it won’t be an easy path. She knows there will be resistance all the way. But she’s a strong woman shaped by life trials very few have endured, and she believes it’s her rightful place and time, at age 44, to become a mom.

To many this may seem as if it’s going too far, and it will require a uterine organ transplant — a controversial and dangerous operation. Doctors are only beginning to perfect this surgery, and no human has become pregnant with a transplanted uterus.

But Luiz has begun the medical candidacy interview process, and she says New York doctors at Downtown Hospital are looking her way.

I wish her all the luck in the world and I really hope she achieves her ambition. But I also hope she’s strong enough to deal with, not only the media circus, but the tidal wave of sheer negativity and hate that’s inevitably going to follow. The outcry from various cissexist right wing fundamentalists (religious and feminist) around the pregnancies of Thomas Beattie and Ruben Noe Coronado will surely pale into insignificance when this story takes off. Form an orderly line to the right for the backlash…


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  1. […] detta transsexuell kvinna i USA har berättat att hon vill göra en livmoderstransplantation och föda barn. Hon heter Sarah Luiz och har varit transaktivist sedan 1980-talet, då hon bland annat stämde […]

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