“We want justice for Destiny Lauren”

December 11, 2009

First brief update today; simply to record the fact rather than make any comment on it.

Following the news last month about Destiny Lauren, the young woman apparently murdered in her own home in London by at least one cis man, the Islington Gazette yesterday reported on an interview with her brother Julian:

Younger brother Julian Samuels, a 26-year-old actor, is determined to see her killer behind bars. He said: “Our fight will never end until something is done. She loved her life and she wasn’t expecting it to end in this way. We want justice for her and we want someone to be sent to prison for life.”


Julian said: “She was very effeminate from a young age and so [her transition] didn’t come as a shock. We agreed with it and were happy with it.”


Julian said: “At first we didn’t agree with [her work], but we are family and we came to terms with it. There are so many people in London doing this type of work.”

“Ultimately she wanted to make as much money as she could, leave the trade, find a man, and settle down. She didn’t like doing what she did. She only did it for the money.”

Destiny’s body was found by older brother Lyndon Samuels, 35, who had been staying with her at Leighton Crescent. It was not the first time the slight 5ft 5ins woman had been attacked – six months ago, a man grabbed her around the neck and took her jewellery as she walked down Holloway Road.


Paying tribute to his sister, Julian added: “She was liked by everyone who met her. She was really easygoing but if she wanted to do something, she would do it. And she loved travelling – we were planning to go on holiday together next year.”


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