Italy: “Hacker ‘cleaned’ woman’s computer”

December 11, 2009

Second brief update today; again, simply to record the fact rather than make any comment on it.

Further to my recent posts about Brenda, the young Brazilian woman apparently murdered in Italy as part of a cover-up by a corrupt cis male politician with a taste for extortion, sex and drugs, ADK International yesterday reported this:

The files of a laptop computer owned by […] Brenda, found dead last month in the Italian capital Rome, were allegedly ‘cleaned out’ by a young Brazilian hacker, Italian media reports said on Thursday.

A computer expert has reportedly told police that Brenda contacted him three months ago and asked him to delete everything from her computer.

According to the young man, quoted by Italian daily La Repubblica, Brenda was agitated and scared.


He told police that they would not find any old files, because Brenda had called him three months ago to permanently delete all the contents from her hard disk.

However, the young man told police that he did not know the contents of the hard disk nor why it had to be removed.


Investigators said that Brenda’s laptop computer had been submerged in water before the fire.


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