Out, damn’d spot!

November 23, 2009

In the far off days of my youth, I attended a school whose headmaster liked to think he ruled with an iron fist. In fact he was a pompous bully of a man for whom nobody had any respect. One of his favourite tricks was to threaten the entire school with detention unless the perpetrators of whatever the latest misdemeanour was, were handed over to him by their fellow pupils. Time and again we would hear his favourite sentence: “It’s the minority that spoils things for everyone else”.

I’ve just been reminded of this peculiar form of summary justice – hey, let’s just punish everyone, it’s a lot easier than finding out who was actually responsible – whilst reading an update on the fallout from the murder case involving Piero Marrazzo, the former governor of the Lazio region in Italy.

According to a report published today in AKI (link here):

Italian authorities are moving to deport 10 Brazilian transsexuals who were reportedly friends of Brenda, the prostitute at the centre of a sex and drugs extortion scandal found dead in Rome on Friday. According to Italian media, nine of the transsexuals were living illegally in Italy.

They are expected to be deported from Italy within a week and return to Brazil.

Call me cynical, but it seems all a bit too convenient, somehow – not to mention a bit sudden. However, the report adds:

One of the transsexual prostitutes, Natalie, has been granted a permit of stay because she is considered a witness in the case involving Marrazzo, who resigned as governor, when news of his relationship with
Brenda and Natalie broke in October.

Rome’s public prosecutor said that the case would be investigated as a homicide after an autopsy showed that Brenda had suffocated from the smoke during the fire.

I only hope that there will be a fair and proper trial – and that Natalie isn’t stitched up and found guilty. Because, as we know all too well, trans women are disposable and certainly nowhere near as valuable to cis society as a corrupt politician with a taste for extortion, sex and drugs.

“Money is the road to justice
And power walks it on crooked legs”

(Lyric from Dog eat Dog by Joni Mitchell)


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