London woman strangled; cis man arrested and bailed

November 10, 2009

At around 1am last Thursday – exactly two weeks before this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance – Destiny Lauren was found strangled at her home in Kentish Town, north London. Although she was rushed by ambulance to the Royal Free hospital, she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Detectives from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command (HSCC) arrested and bailed (pending further enquiries) a cis man in connection with Ms Lauren’s murder.

Via the Hampstead and Highgate Express (also the Press Association and Pink News)

My first thought on reading the Press Association piece was positive: at last, a press report about a trans woman which doesn’t mention that she was trans. But in a society where we are still, for the most part, positioned as Other, as outsiders, deceivers and generally disposable, I begin to wonder if this omission really is a Good Thing™, or whether it merely adds to our erasure as human beings.

2 Responses to “London woman strangled; cis man arrested and bailed”

  1. msruthmoss Says:

    How absolutely awful and I hope the cis man who killed her goes away for a long, long, long time.

    As for not mentioning that she was trans; I get what you mean, and I’m not sure. I suppose if it was known to be a transphobic hate crime, it would make sense to say that she was trans in the report, otherwise… I’m not sure, like you say, whether it’s a “good thing”, or erasure.

  2. Zoë Suzanna Says:

    I like your take on it – “erasure as human beings.” I find it interesting switching from the “privileged white-boy” camp to a woman – a transsexual woman – now I’m suddenly labeled a minority that no one cares about – society and labels are nuts!

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