Emily in Love – Sow the Seeds

October 16, 2009

On a cold, grey, October morning in London, when you find yourself at work by 7.30am, having been unexpectedly reminded on the way (by a random stranger’s aftershave) of your recently departed Dad… and having realised that today is one of those days when not only has cis society decided that you don’t ‘pass’, but is also hellbent on letting you know of its decision (“Is it a man or a woman?”)…

Well, on that kind of morning it’s always good to get a cheery-uppy email from a friend, with a link to a YouTube video of one of her new songs.

Pink explode-y things will save me!

And so to drink strong coffee and kick computers…


2 Responses to “Emily in Love – Sow the Seeds”

  1. Ruth Moss Says:

    Pink explode-y things and internet *hugs*.

  2. Marigold Says:

    I recommend beans on toast as a further remedy to such mornings. The cheaper the beans, the better.

    Marigold x

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