Women prisoners and human rights

October 1, 2009

Home Office logoA couple of weeks ago I wrote about the human rights breach of a trans woman prisoner who was held in a male prison (link here).

The Law Gazette today publishes its report of the case (link here), which makes interesting if dry reading for anyone interested in the finer details of the case.

Perhaps predictably, it seems that the big question which nobody asked then is still not being asked. So I’ll ask it myself, again. To paraphrase my earlier comment over at Lina’s (link here):

Why has the anonymous Home Office employee who decided that B’s legally prescribed sentence wasn’t harsh enough for their liking – and who unilaterally denied B her human rights – not been called to account?

Because, what’s to stop that person denying any other prisoner – trans *or* cis – their human rights, too?

Enquiring minds still want to know.


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