Plus ca change

October 1, 2009

Press For Change who, lest we forget, are “Campaigning for respect and equality for ALL trans people” – norly – have given their website a bit of a makeover. Apart from the smell of fresh paint, the site seems to work much as it ever did, and one imagines it will still be an occasionally useful source of historical reference materials.

As for the “Campaigning for respect and equality for ALL trans people” bit – norly,rly – I can think of a few trans people who, like me, can be forgiven for remaining a little bit cynical about that claim. Hands up anyone who remembers last year’s Stonewall UK protest? And hands up anyone who remembers PFC’s campaigning for trans people in the run-up to that? Yes, me too…

Still, I shouldn’t be too harsh – there’s always the hope that the organisation will one day return to its former glory, isn’t there?

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