“Tell me about transgender”

September 24, 2009

Hey Lord, don't ask me questions (ain't no answers in me)A phrase sure to sink the stoutest of hearts. “Tell me about transgender”. It’s not that I don’t want to reach out to cis people, to help them find answers to their many questions: it’s that it can be such a tiring, emotionally draining and sometimes frustrating process.

And although I don’t think it’s necessarily the place of a minority (transsexual women) to educate their oppressors (mainstream cis society), I also recognise that if we don’t do it, cis people may be unlikely to learn, or their understanding may be incomplete or incorrect. So I’m willing to do what I can to help those cis people who are genuinely interested to increase their knowledge of the various issues that are of concern to people like me.

But there’s a “But”…

It would be really helpful if, before they ask that burning question, cis people could at least try to find the answer themselves. Apart from looking in the obvious places like Google and even Wikipedia, many bloggers keep comprehensive blogrolls which may also be helpful to the enquiring cis mind.

The Web is an information source the like of which the world has never seen; lots of people have done lots of work to make it what it is and it often takes only a couple of clicks to find answers to even the most difficult questions.


5 Responses to ““Tell me about transgender””

  1. Yuki Choe Says:

    I sometimes do appreciate some of them actually asking me what am I about. Those I am most annoyed with? People who know nothing about trans people but still talk about it as if they know a lot, and when they run out of things to parrot out, they colour religion over it. And while the web is a great information source, some of these “authorative” wackos print themselves as experts, and a lot of people on-line would be buying into their ridiculous crap.

  2. polerin Says:

    I don’t mind educating, but I feel like I have to educate most people I come in contact with. **sigh**

    One day in IRC (yeah I’m a geek) I got in an argument about something totally unrelated to trans issues, and the other person looked up my profile and saw that I had listed myself as “trans woman”. (Side note: plug for the nin.com btw, first place I’ve ever been that has like ~10 options for gender). He then proceeded to be an ass about it, asking invasive questions under the banner of “Why don’t you teach me how am I going to learn?” I didn’t take it well, and snapped on him.

    Most of the channel actually told him to shove it, which was really eye opening. What was more eye opening is that someone I’d been talking with on and off about music and about his life had known, and just not cared. When I asked him why he hadn’t mentioned anything he said, “To be honest it didn’t matter. None of my business and has nothing to do with why I like you, you’re a person and should have your privacy respected.”

    So I wonder, how many people DO know, and do the right thing in just not invading others privacy? Perhaps more than we think, because they just don’t ever bother us.

  3. Youngsook Says:

    If they really want to know, they will find out. Do not waste too much time.


  4. belledame222 Says:

    maybe include “justfuckinggoogleit” in the sidebar links?

  5. Helen G Says:

    Heh. Now you mention it…

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