What it means to be a woman

September 4, 2009

Elena Kelly, a post-SRS trans woman, recently went into hospital for breast augmentation surgery. That had its own complications, which she survived, but afterwards:

There, on the insides of both of my thighs were a row of bruises most still purple, some beginning to fade to bluish yellow. I had no idea where they came from, or what could have possibly caused them. One thing was obvious – they were caused by someone’s hands gripping my thighs very tightly, and they were hands as big, or bigger, than mine. And the way the bruises are positioned, it is clear that whoever grabbed my inner thighs was doing so to spread my legs apart.


The only time I was alone was the one hour period after surgery when I was asleep in the Recovery Room. […] Someone with large strong hands pulled my legs apart when I was asleep and did something to me that made my vagina bleed heavily for several days.

Yes, it could just as easily have happened to a cis woman. But the thought that it happened to Elena because she’s trans?

Elena’s post is here.

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