Demonstration against violence towards trans sex workers in Berlin, Friday 4 September

September 1, 2009

A demonstration is planned in Berlin on Friday 4 September, to protest the increasing violence against trans sex workers. Last month a trans woman was hospitalised after being attacked and stabbed. Since then the violence from neighbours has increased and some trans people have been severely injured. The trans sex workers of Frobenstraße, a street in Berlin, are facing attacks from neighbours as well as transphobic media coverage.

Two sex worker groups, a LSBT migrant group, a homeless people’s group and the Berlin trans/inter group transinterqueer have formed an alliance to hold this demonstration on Friday.

So if you are in town, please join the demonstration.

Click here to download full details of the event and circumstances around it (German, PDF)


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Curtsey to Carla (via the TGEU listserv) for the heads up


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  1. Excellent! Germany is very open-minded overall and these fights should get action.

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