Idaho DoC changes policy on trans inmates after losing lawsuits

August 7, 2009

Via an Associated Press report published in both The Olympian (link here) and The Spokesman Review (link here), another news story which predictably focuses more on the salaciously trans-misogynistic, than on the underlying issues.

In short, two trans women who were already serving time for offences of which they had been convicted, were additionally denied appropriate medical care by the state. As a direct consequence, each woman then carried out severe acts of self-harm. And even then, the state continued to deny estrogen therapy – in one of the cases, it went so far as to prescribe testosterone replacement instead.

The cases have taken five years to reach their conclusions, and the DoC has only changed its policy since losing. Sad that it took so much pressure on the DoC and pain – literally – from two trans inmates to bring about the changes.

Deny appropriate medical treatment to cis inmates because they’re cis? Unlikely.

Deny equally appropriate medical treatment to trans inmates because they’re trans?

Like I even need to ask.

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