ENDA update: Call Your Reps TODAY + Handy Congress Spreadsheet

July 28, 2009

Via LJ Transgender:

Hi People,

Please fwd. this widely to other el jay groups, MySpace, FB, email lists, as soon as possible:

CALL your reps (even if you do not live within their jurisdiction, it is still important!) Phoning is more effective than email, FYI. Please contact their offices and ask for their support for the *transgender inclusive* ENDA, HR 3017. Remember to specify that you feel both gender identity and gender *expression* should be included.

For daily updates and bulletins, check out: http://www.dailykos.com/tag/ENDA

Rep. David Dreier of California (26th District)., Phone: 909-575-6226
Rep. Rick Boucher of Virginia (VA-D-09), Phone: 276-628-1145
Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo of New Jersey (NJ-R-02), Local phone: (609) 625-5008

Very handy spreadsheet put together by the Inclusive ENDA Facebook Campaign.


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