Brave new feminist world

July 26, 2009

brave new feminist worldThese days I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of feminist cis women’s blogs I visit, primarily because I’m really not interested in exposing myself to the virulent transphobia that runs rampant on too many of them. Now I can add another reason for disengaging – not that I was looking for one, particularly; the transphobia’s reason enough – having seen this comment by Sam Berg (via Renegade Evolution) it’s clear that her hatred has escalated beyond her usual mindless verbal violence into what is as close to a call to arms as makes no difference.

Being against those who make money from non-consensual/coerced sex acts? Yes, me too. But this self-righteous sister wants to “put AIDS-covered bullets in their brains”.

Talk about overkill. Like a bullet to the head wouldn’t be enough. But just in case it wasn’t, Ms Berg wants to make sure the job is done by making her victims HIV+

So is this what cis women feminists think is acceptable behaviour these days? And if not, why the deafening silence; why haven’t you spoken out against this hate speech?

Because if that’s what a feminist looks like…

Ms Berg, your death threat disgusts me as much as it scares me. Vigilante executions of those with whom you disagree? If that’s your idea of a brave new feminist world, then you can put one of your “AIDS-covered bullets” in my brain right now.

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