Update on pretrial hearing in Larry King murder case

July 22, 2009

The LA Times continues its coverage of the pretrial hearing – link here.

Dan Swanson, a police detective and specialist in neo-Nazi gangs believes that “The evidence strongly indicates [Brandon McIrnerney] had been indoctrinated to some level” and went on to discount earlier testimony that McInerney had black and Latino friends at school, contending that white supremacists are accustomed to hiding their true beliefs.

Meanwhile the usual smear tactics are in play by the defense: Larry King was the aggressor, harassing Mr McInerney. But the most interesting quote comes from prosecutor Maeve Fox.

“Is the defense ‘gay panic’?” she asked. “This is just a fishing expedition to paint Larry King as someone who needed killing.”

Says it all, really.

Testimony is expected to conclude today.


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