Can anyone…

July 12, 2009

20090129_enough1-115x115…give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just delete this blog and all my other online presences and just walk away?

ETA: Because it feels like, wherever I go on the web these days there’s nothing but infighting and backbiting, personal attacks and hostility.

And I’m sick of it. Really fucking sick of it.


9 Responses to “Can anyone…”

  1. Weasel Says:

    It really isn’t reason enough, and sounds so pathetically guilt inducing, but

    I’d miss you, bb.

    Maybe go for the ‘step back for a bit’ approach instead of ‘rocks fall everyone dies’ and see how that goes?


  2. Stephanie Says:

    Another selfish reason: I only recently discovered Bird of Paradox but I think it by far and away the best Trans blog coming out of the UK. So it would be a great shame if it were to disappear.

    Speaking as someone who has deleted her own blog at least half a dozen times for various reasons I’ve always regretted it.

  3. Caroline Says:

    1) Because you’re awesome and there aren’t enough awesome people on the internet.

    2) Because you make me think.

    3) Because you make me WANT to think.

    4) Because you’ve taught so many people to look at things differently.

    5) Because you’re an essential resource.

    6) Because you’ll win eventually.

    7) Because there are too many haters.

    8) Because I look for you in the morning on Twitter if forced to get up early.

    9) Because I respect your opinion and want you to like stuff that I write.

    10) Because you’re inspiring.

    11) Because you write very well, and let’s face it, decent writers in Blogland are few and far between.

    12) Because you’re too good to give in to shit heads.

    13) Because you’re too classy to give in to shit heads.

    14) Because if you did give in, it really would be too sad.

    15) Because you’re one of my favourite people.

  4. sadie Says:

    16) Because you give young trans people who are just coming out hope that they won’t always be alone and that there _are_ people in the world who value them and want things to change.

  5. Sanna Says:

    Ditto everything above, and my own hugs and kisses :)

  6. Anji Says:

    Because so many of us consider you a friend, a confidante, an inspiration and a damn good writer, that you would be sorely missed.

  7. QueerRose Says:

    Because the haters win enough QRx

  8. Youngsook Says:

    Because this IS your space not those haters’. Don’t let them force their pathetic wheel into your space!

    Lots of love and big (((hugs)))

  9. GallingGalla Says:

    for all of the reasons above.

    and because i will miss you.

    and because you are one of the few voices that keep me going in my darkest days.

    but i know the feeling, and the fighting and dissension can be overwhelming.

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