Lateisha Green: hate crime trial starts on Monday, July 13

July 3, 2009

Lateisha Green. Image via, courtesy of Roxanne GreenMonday (July 13) sees the start of the trial of Dwight R. DeLee, who is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the shooting last November 14, 2008, of Latiesha “Teish” Green.

Ms Green and her brother, Mark Cannon, were shot with a rifle as they sat in a parked car. The bullet grazed the left arm of Mark Cannon, who was in the driver’s seat, and hit Ms Green in the chest.

From the start, Ms Green’s family pressed for her death to be treated as a hate crime, and the court case – which will be held in Syracuse, NY – will be tried as such, although the prosecution contends the victim was targeted because of sexual orientation. Ms Green’s sister, Shaconia Williams, said Ms Green called herself a transsexual woman.

Speaking in Cnylink Local News (link here), Roxanne Green, Teish’s mother, acknowledged that the spotlight has been hard for her at times.

“It’s bad enough to live with families that don’t approve,” said Roxanne Green. “I never expected a gay son and I have two. It needs to stop. They hurt and I hurt. I have a boy living with me now because he can’t go home. For these kids to fear school! Teish had to go to school late and leave school early. That was the school’s idea of helping! It made Teish angry. She wanted to go when everyone else did.”


“I relive a lot of things,” she said. “[She] really took something precious. I lost a mother when I was nine and that hurt. Losing a child is a whole different hurt.”

But Mary Alice Smothers [of the Wyoming St. P.E.A.C.E. office] doesn’t see this as different from other fights over the years.

“It’s always about the youth,” she said. “It’s always about empowering them to be able to speak and have their voice. We let adultism get in the way. They know where they want to go. As parents, we know we raised them on the right track and we have to let them.”

Roxanne Green (left), the mother of Teisha, and her sister Rhonda Gary, at a candlelight vigil, November 2008. Image by Mike Greenlar / The Post Standard (via

Gina Morvay has created a Facebook page to act as both a memorial for Ms Green and a clearing house for information about the trial. Here’s the link.


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