Ooh! Shiny!

June 20, 2009

lemonade_awardOver at Look left of the pleiades, top blogger and good mate Ruth has very kindly given me a Lemonade Award, which is, umm, awarded for, err, well, actually I’m not quite sure what it’s awarded for – but I’m thrilled to receive my first ever bloggy award and it does look rather fab on the mantelpiece in the Grand Ballroom here at Chateau Helen.

According to Her Ruthness, I have to list three things for which I’m grateful, and then pass the award on. So here goes:

Three things for which I’m grateful:

  • Friends: Too many to mention individually (I’m s-o-o popular) but I’m especially thinking of those who’ve accepted me as I am, who’ve never judged me for transitioning, never demanded I justify my existence to them and never expected me to provide them with endless Trans 101s. These are the people who’ve always been there for me in my darker moments – and I know I have far too many of those – people who make me laugh, make me think, and whose hearts and minds are always open.
  • Bird of Paradox: I hope that, in some small way through my writing here at BoP, I can help to draw attention to the difficulties faced by too many members of my community and by doing so, help to raise awareness – even though I may not be able to directly bring about the changes and improvements they so definitely deserve.
  • Chocolate: Obviously, and without which…

Pass it on:

  • GallingGalla: Because her strength and passion – even though she’s been dealing with Things Going On in her own life – are an inspiration. Add her blog Fearfully and Wonderfully Made to your favourites and follow her on Twitter.
  • ghostlove One of the very few radical feminists who Gets It about trans women, and that’s worth a lot more to me than I can say. Add her blog to your favourites, check out the other sites where she posts, and follow her on Twitter.
  • Natalia Antonova One of the best writers it’s been my good fortune to meet. Wicked sense of humour and a damned sexy brain, too. Hanging with her during her recent visit to London was just the best. The.Best. (Even if I do seem to have developed a taste for champagne as a result). Add her blog and the other blog she edits to your favourites, and then follow her on Twitter.

Now then. Where’s the vodka to go with that lemonade?


3 Responses to “Ooh! Shiny!”

  1. GallingGalla Says:

    aww, that’s sweet, Helen.

    for folks who are not on Dreamwidth, you can either: visit me on Livejournal (i’m crossposting my DW posts to LJ), or if you already have an LJ account, you can use OpenID to comment on my posts at DW.

  2. Ruth Moss Says:

    Glad you like it. Isn’t it pretty? I have no idea what it’s for really either except for being a bloody boss blogger even when sometimes it’s so shit you’d rather just shut your eyes… xx

  3. Anji Says:

    Why thank you very much. Anyone who actually does want to meet me, I’m usually found at LJ or DW. :D

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