NY: trans woman tortured to death

June 19, 2009

There’s a very distressing report over at Zöe Brain’s blog about a young trans woman in New York who was (eventually) murdered by a group of students earlier this week.

The report contains much graphic detail, so approach with caution if you think you might find it upsetting in any way – here’s the link.

I can’t find the words I need to write about this right now; it defies description and beggars belief. And it makes me so very angry.

RIP Raychel.


Curtsey to Stefani for the link


ETA, 20 June: Laura, the writer at Laura’s Playground who first posted this report has now retracted the story due to a lack of verification (link here):

I have pulled the story about Rachel Roo as the story can’t be verified. Things just didn’t add up. This morning we traced the IP and there is no story in the local paper in that town. A story of this nature would be in the public domain. Roo has been a staff member here for a year and has never made up stories before. ” It appears to be a hoax and one that is in very poor taste and hurting the trans community heavily in a time when we are fighting very hard to be understood.”

I extend my sincerest apologies for reporting the story without verification. I Posted it because I thought I knew the person personally and was grief stricken. I was upset over the loss and verification wasn’t first on my mind. We were all fooled. I feel like such an idiot.



6 Responses to “NY: trans woman tortured to death”

  1. Ruth Moss Says:

    Felt strong enough to read the link, kinda wish I hadn’t, made me physically retch.

    Hoping the people who did this get shut away for the rest of their lives. I wonder how people get to be that full of hate.

  2. GallingGalla Says:

    *cries* *rages*

  3. Ghanima Corrino Says:

    it’s so hateful and mindless.
    sadness and rage it feels so personal

  4. Kynn Says:

    The number of anonymous comments going “this probably is fake” is distressing to me.

  5. […] när hon cyklade till affären en vanlig eftermiddag och blev brutalt mördad. Hon bodde vad det verkar som i New York, och det är ingen tvekan om att det var ett […]

  6. Mel Says:

    I still can’t find any independent verification of this. Not to say that transfolk aren’t assaulted (I’m trans myself), but this really smells of a hoax.

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