Evidence required for Equality Bill

June 13, 2009

tg_black-on_pink_100x107Robyn at Gender Spectrum UK has posted the following request (link here):

Could I call on people to gather some volunteers out there to submit to me any verifiable stories where individuals have been harassed, discriminated against or victimised because they are different based of their >strong>gender identity.

I am specifically looking for any Transvestites, Androgynes, Bigender, cross-dressers, etc. I would also like to include in this list anyone who has a recognised Intersex condition that could make their apparent appearance be misinterpreted as different from their natal sex (i.e. that which they were assigned at birth).

In essence, we are looking for evidence from anyone who is not Transsexual and intending to under go, under going or has under gone, gender reassignment.

Could all information please be passed to me via my Gender Spectrum UK email address: robyn @ gsuk.org

All details will be treated in strict confidence, but please ensure that people are aware that I wish to compile a report for the Parliamentary Committee for the Equality Bill to read and discuss.

I would also like the opportunity to specifically discuss the evidence with the 3 MPs who are supporting the introduction to the bill with regards to the inclusion of Gender Identity, rather than Gender Reassignment.

Specific information that will be of good use would include the following:

How they identify; dates of incidents; comments made; any photographic evidence; any witness statements; crime report numbers; copies of any news reports; details of vandalism and any other action taken

Please ensure that the “Subject line” makes it clear that this is evidence for inclusion.

It would be useful if I could have contact details, where possible. If names have been changed from the actual people involved, please make this clear.

I realise that the information will be particularly sensitive in most cases and that I am very much an unknown person to them. I will keep them information strictly confidential and I shall not place it in a position to “out” anyone who might otherwise have relocated or not be out to everyone.

Please feel free to point them to this post or to forward a copy of the text to them.


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