Government response to petition to protest Oxfordshire PCT’s refusal to fund core surgical procedures

June 12, 2009

Oxfordshire PCT logoHM Government’s response to the petition raised to protest Oxfordshire PCT’s refusal to fund core surgical procedures is now available online (link here).

To cut to the chase:

NHS South Central has confirmed that Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) does not routinely fund surgery for the treatment of gender dysphoria. Currently, its policy is to fund this surgery only in exceptional circumstances.

In other words, if you’re transitioning in Oxfordshire and were hoping for the PCT to fund your surgery, forget it – there’ll be no change as a result of this petition.

…Even though it raised in excess of 1000 signatures, including most of the Charing Cross GIC team.

…Even though the ‘Oxford Four’ met with the PCT’s Chief Executive and members of the Priorities Forum.

…Even though the campaign received a fair amount of generally favourable press coverage.

…And even though it was discussed at a meeting of the Parliamentary Forum on Transsexualism.

I’m sad for those affected by this inhumane decision, and my level of anger with those faceless bureaucrats that wield this level of power over the lives and health of my trans siblings has just ramped up another notch.


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3 Responses to “Government response to petition to protest Oxfordshire PCT’s refusal to fund core surgical procedures”

  1. Steph Says:

    It doesn’t suprise me though… the government just squirms out the situation with ‘it’s upto individual PCT.. blah blah’ response everytime. One wonders what will happen in the next few years when this expected finance squeeze really hits the PCT’s too.

    I’m on the verge of taking legal advice myself over getting my surgery… different scenario though – I’ve got two referrals from NHS regional GICs, plus funding agreed by my PCT, and yet I’m being made to jump through more hurdles by a certain London GIC.

  2. gina Says:

    This is an identical situation to the one that i find myself going through with Brent PCT.Their total budget spend on gender dysphoria/transgender treatment per annum is just a paltry £3,000;hardly enough to fund a couple of tg’s electrolysis treatments,let alone actual surgery.Now there must be a good number of tgs in brent if the figures for the occurance of this condition in the general population is 1 in 37,000 and the population of brent currently stands at 370,000…there’s got to be at least a thousand…so,are people actually being scared off getting treatment that they are ethically ENTITLED to because of this culture of systemic prejudice within the medical establishment? I too have been fobbed off by the department of health and the pct that there is NO prejudice…however, there is no pressing need,in their opinion,for any substantial or even nominal use point of use care for transgendered people in this borough.I had confirmation that this bigotry is contributing to potentially unnecessary deaths when on a recent visit to my gp he informed me that he used to be prejudiced but that recently he had gone on a course that had enlightened him about and made him more tolerant of people like ‘me’!! from the horse’s mouth…would that the administrators of healthcare trusts and regional mental health trust’s board of governors be made to compulsorily attend the same ‘reprogramming’ seminars that he was made to attend…and this is the 21st century?? Religious bigotry is as rife now as
    it was in the dark ages,except it’s got a better PR team to explain away all the
    inconsistancies surrounding partisan medicinal care and treatment under certain district authorities….blah,blah,blah indeed.The hippocratic oath is being broken in word and deed without a care being given-and it is us,the ‘unclean’,who are being are to be scapegoats for society’s irrational and dangerous hang-ups

  3. Ruth Moss Says:

    I read that response from the government and how very depressing it was.


    “Yeah yeah wev you did some petition but no, it makes no difference, I mean, ok, very occasionally? We might maybe allow some trans people to have surgery funded. But srsly you’re sooooo gonna have to jump through a shitload of hoops first and totally Prove Yourself to us. And even then!”

    So, dear government, what is it going to take?

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