Turkey: another trans woman stabbed to death

May 25, 2009

Turkish flagVia my friends at TransgenderNews at Twitter comes the breaking news of another murder of another trans woman in Ankara, Turkey.

The full details are still not known, but according to Kemal Ordek of KaosGL the woman was stabbed to death in her home last Friday, May 22. A protest was scheduled to take place on Saturday evening.

As Kemal Ordek says:

Unless the state authorities take required measures against homophobic and transphobic discirimination and violence, we know that this kind of high pressure will continue to be put on the shoulders of LGBT community of Turkey. We’ll continue to struggle against any kind of discrimination in Turkey against LGBTs and hope that you’ll continue to support our cause with every means.

Meanwhile, it seems the war against trans people in Turkey continues with no end in sight.


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