Reasons to be leery. 300 of ’em.

May 23, 2009

West Yorkshire Police logoIt’s so-o-o reassuring to be reminded that the attitudes of our public servants aren’t rooted in ignorance, bigotry and transphobia…

Police ignore sex change questions

Police said they were forced to ignore responses to a diversity questionnaire after a large number of staff claimed they had undergone a sex change.

West Yorkshire Police said the results from the question about whether employees were undergoing, or had undergone, gender reassignment in the annual survey were “exceptionally wide of the national average”.

This led police to believe the answers were not accurate and the decision was made to remove the question when compiling the overall results to the anonymous questionnaire.

(Press Association via Google News)

Top West Yorkshire cops were puzzled after their annual survey revealed 300 members of staff had undergone or were in the process of undergoing “gender reassignment”.

Scare quotes, too. We are honoured – although, as the report quoted is from the Metro I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The Metro, I recall, accompanied its report on Kim Petras with a photo labelled “sex_change_boy“, so we’re obviously in the presence of some highly evolved “journalists”. Oh, did I just put scare quotes around the word “journalists”? So I did. Silly me.

Senior officers were delighted with the number of responses – 40% of the 11,657 employees took part, including 2,147 police officers, 319 community support officers and 63 Specials.

But among the usual questions about religion, gender, sexual orientation and disability was the question about gender reassignment.

Of the 4,662 people who answered the question, 300 said they had already had or were having a sex change.

A force spokeswoman said the results appeared “exceptionally wide of the national average” and senior officers were forced to conclude that they were wrong.

She added: “The numbers provided couldn’t be relied upon as there were suggestions that individuals may have not understood the question.”

(Via the Metro)

More of an apologist than a spokeswoman, I think. Does she seriously believe that 300 “police officers” are so ignorant that they didn’t understand? I don’t; not for a second. I think those 300 transphobic bigots understood perfectly well. But trans people are a very easy target and, hey, why not take a swipe at us while you try to make some kind of a point?

And I’d put money on that point being that, in your infinite wisdom, you considered the questionnaire to be “political correctness gone mad”, and that you’d use trans people as an example to make that point. Am I right? After all, we aren’t really human, are we? Not like you Real Men And Women, at least. We’re disposable; our lives are worthless and you don’t owe us anything, do you?

“Due to the questionnaires being anonymous, the results couldn’t be followed up with individuals. After careful consideration we felt it was appropriate to exclude the data.”

(Via the Metro)

How very convenient. Employees of a government so paranoid it’s building a centralised database of information about each and every one of nearly 60 million inhabitants – but you couldn’t track down 300 hate-mongering “police officers”?

Given that, under the provisions set out in the Equality Bill, we’ll likely be expected to turn to the long arm of the law when we experience discrimination just for being trans, this disgraceful display of intolerance towards gender variance really doesn’t inspire confidence.

Reasons to be leery. 300 of ’em.


2 Responses to “Reasons to be leery. 300 of ’em.”

  1. Youngsook Says:

    Same message again. ‘Stay invisible.’ In digital era, our body is data being. We exist and promote ourselves as data in the system of society. Whether right or wrong, often numbers persuade and empower. In an extreme sense, however surely, this arbitrary exclusion of 300 trans police officers in state data system means symbolic genocide over trans identity. Utterly violent message against trans people…

  2. Yuki Choe Says:

    A clear message that hit me here is: If you are trans, you do not exist. You are in limbo. There is no such thing as in between.

    The problem is, I am here, typing this comment. I breathe, eat, sleep, bath, work just as anyone else in the world. I am human!

    Now that more of us come out and EXIST, they just cannot compute that into their “system”.

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