GID Reform Now protest at annual APA meeting – speaker Madeline Deutch, MD

May 20, 2009

Here’s a video (edited by Mila Pavlin of Trans-Ponder) from the recent GID Reform Now protest at the American Psychiatric Association 2009 Annual Meeting. This is the approximately 7-minute speech of Madeline Deutch, MD, that she made to the 150 protesters. A transcription of a large portion of the speech begins below the video.

This video has been removed by the author

(Curtsey to Autumn Sandeen at Pam’s House Blend)

ETA, May 21: Sorry everybody; I have no idea why the link has been removed. I found an alternative link (click here) which seems to play just fine on You Tube – although it too comes up with a ‘video removed’ error when I embed it in this blog page.

ETA, May 23: There’s also a You Tube vid of Kelley Winters’ speech here


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3 Responses to “GID Reform Now protest at annual APA meeting – speaker Madeline Deutch, MD”

  1. Oh. The problem was that Dr. Maddie’s last name was misspelled within the first video. Mila corrected the error in a “new” video, and then took down the video with the misspelling.

    The solution is not to have a hard name to spell. ;) Okay, maybe that’s not a good solution… :P

  2. Helen G Says:

    hi Autumn!

    Thanks for the update, I’ll give the embedding another try – there were some interesting points made and it would be good to spread the word a little.


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