You cis people really are *obsessed* with toilets, aren’t you?

May 1, 2009

tgwc_sign_bbc_164x150Having read queenemily’s latest about the so-called ‘bathroom bill’ (link here) over at QT, I was initially tempted to drop in a snarky comment along the lines of “Well never mind, we can always go to Thailand instead” (obscure reference to a news story last year about trans only toilets in a school in Thailand).

But having had a not-so-great week, healthwise, I didn’t know if I had the energy. I just don’t see what new points can be made: as I said (somewhat bitterly) in another bathroom panic post – one of mine, this time – in January 2009 (link here):

I mean, far better that trans people run the risk of harassment and assault than cis people face up to the discomfort they feel at having to examine their own privileges and assumptions about the gender binary, normativity, prejudice, discrimination, ableism and so on and so forth…

Also, given that my first post on the subject (link here) from September 2008 has the highest stat count of anything I’ve ever posted here at BoP, and is still getting hits, well, I can’t help but wonder why it’s only ever cis people who seem so fixated on which bathroom the rest of us use.

The fact is that whole ‘bathroom panic’ has really become a meme of its own, almost an urban myth. So let me ask you cis folks a question.

Has anyone ever come up with irrefutable proof – court case reports, police records, press reports, just one thing – to show that even one trans woman has ever attacked or otherwise assaulted a cis person in one of “their” restrooms?

And while you’re scratching around trying to find me just one single shred of evidence of the horrible murderous things that we’ve done to you in “your” sacred spaces, may I also recommend you stop by at GallingGalla’s LJ and read her take on the New Hampshire case too? She’s telling it like it is and is way more on track with it than I am right now. Link here. Go. Read it.

Right. I’m off to buy a bottle of wine, go home and just chill a little.

I’ll be back in a while, no doubt, my interleckshual batteries recharged and all that – in the meantime, do let me know when you find that proof, won’t you? Because I tell you what – there are a lot of trans women would really like to see it.


Previous toilet (non-)humour on this blog:


8 Responses to “You cis people really are *obsessed* with toilets, aren’t you?”

  1. queen emily Says:

    I think the thing is, even if were there isolated cases, groups do not get their rights defined by criminals.

    You don’t punish us for something criminals do, let alone MIGHT DO.

    It’s all bollocks, all of it.

  2. Helen G Says:

    Well we sure as hell don’t get our rights defined by the law in New Hampshire, that’s a fact.

    And ssshhh about the bollocks – that’s next, after we’ve harvested the rest of the uteruses.

  3. GallingGalla Says:

    in the meantime, do let me know when you find that proof, won’t you? Because I tell you what – there are a lot of trans women would really like to see it.

    including me. but i think that dinosaurs will once again be roaming the earth before that happens. and pigs and fainting couches will fly.

    (btw, ima link here in my article, thanks for linking me.)

  4. Cheshire Says:

    Let My people Pee!

  5. Dw3t-Hthr Says:

    One of the things that kind of boggles me about the whole bathroom panic thing is that right after the previous but still recent post on QT about ‘bathroom panic’ I went to a restaurant where both bathrooms are marked “Either”.

    When a guy wandered into the one that was occupied by about three women, he was vocally startled, then reassured by the women there that the sign did in fact say “Either”, and gently aimed at the other empty stall.

  6. z Says:

    You don’t understand that while we all know that reality of “men in teh bathrooms” is miniscule, the nutbag Right can make up shit and people *will* swallow it — why should any cis person interested/having a vested interest in their own privilege question challenge it?

  7. Helen G Says:

    I know perfectly well that ‘the nutbag Right can make up shit’ – so – with regard to furnishing stats to prove the assertions that trans women only go into women’s restrooms to harass cis women – well, why haven’t they ‘made up shit’ to prove? Why are they silent – and where does this cis paranoia come from?

  8. z Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I was questioning you personally.

    I think I remember reading a post on Autumn Sandeen’s blog about a very weak attempt to fake this.

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