Angie Zapata murder trial – Tuesday April 21

April 21, 2009

A brief summary of events in the Angie Zapata murder trial.

As yesterday, I’m avoiding detailed descriptions because some of the testimonies and evidence may be triggering. For any reader wishing for more detail, please go and look at Autumn Sandeen’s live Tweets at

Tuesday morning, April 21:

The prosecution continued to make its case to the court.

  • Felicia Mendoza, ex-girlfriend of Mr Andrade continued her testimony
  • A fourth audio recording of phone calls between Mendoza and Andrade was played; more transphobic hate speech from Andrade, including the phrase “Gay things must die”…
  • Janet Schwabe, Subpoena Compliance Manager for Cricket phones (handles requests for official info) – Cricket was the company that provided the service for Angie’s cellphone
  • Det. Greg Tharp of Greeley PD testified about events on the day of Angie’s death, as well as the cellphone records
  • Part of a DVD recording of the interview of Andrade by Det. Tharp was played (the later part had previously ruled inadmissible to the court when it was known that Andrade had asserted his right to stop answering questions)
  • Further photographic evidence was produced

Tuesday afternoon, April 21:

  • Further testimony from Det. Tharp
  • Discussion of the numerous text messages between Andrade and Angie in the days before her murder: 656 texts, 15 calls
  • Further photographic evidence was produced by the defense, apparently from Angie’s apartment, all showing Angie
  • Prosecutor rests case
  • Defense argued that there was not enough evidence to convict on First Degree (F1) Felony as it is all circumstantial – then going on to argue that, despite being entirely circumstantial, it also proved Andrade’s innocence.
  • Judge ruled that the prosecution had met their burden in regard to charges, and denied the defense’s motion to acquit Andrade
  • Andrade stated that he would not testify
  • The defense began their case
  • Det. Dave Brantner (Greeley PD): defense witness
  • Det. Robert Cash (Greeley PD): defense witness
  • David Hedstrom (works with Angie’s sister Monica at Walmart): defense witness
  • Maricella Meza (Angie’s friend): defense witness (has also testified for prosecution)
  • JJ Alejandro (former roommate of Angie): defense witness
  • Defense rests, no rebuttal witnesses
  • Closing arguments between 10:00am and noon Wednesday
  • (The 4 lesser offenses will be included, so the jury will be able to chose between 5 homicide charges)

The defense seemed to be concentrating solely on establishing that everyone who knew Angie “thought she was a girl”. In other words, the defense seemed intent on showing that she was “deceptive”. The subtext, of course, is that, by the same logic, Angie must also have “deceived” Andrade, who when he found out, felt so threatened by her existence that he had to end her life immediately. The ‘classic’ trans panic defense, in other words.


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