Angie Zapata murder trial – Monday April 20

April 20, 2009

I want to preface this post with a reminder that, as a trans woman, it’s a matter of huge importance to me that my blog offers as safe a space as possible for any trans people who may read it.

So I’ve decided to keep my writing of today’s court proceedings very generalised, because some of the detailed coverage I’ve seen in reports may well be triggering to other trans readers.

For anyone wishing to read that detail, I unreservedly recommend the coverage provided by Autumn Sandeen (she writes at Pam’s House Blend and The View From (Ab)Normal Heights) – she’s Tweeting the trial live from the courtroom. Her Twitter feed can be found by clicking here – and you don’t have to be signed up, or otherwise logged in, to Twitter to read it.

Monday, April 20

The morning session has been primarily concerned with building the case for the prosecution and has included the following:

  • Dr. James Wilkerson, the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, has testified
  • Supporting forensic evidence – in the form of photos – has been produced
  • Jerry Kimmel, the manager of the apartments where Angie lived, has testified
  • The blunt force instrument alleged to have been used to murder Angie has been admitted to the trial
  • Det. Scott Barber of Greeley Police Department has testified
  • Maden Guaten, who works at Harrhy’s Discount Liquer Store where Angie frequently visited, has testified
  • CCTV footage from the store has been screened
  • Det. Trevor Anderson, a computer and electronics specialist, has stated how he collected evidence from computers and cellphones (discovered at the crime scene), as well as data from various stores, including video and cash register tape
  • Cellphone photos have been shown to the court
  • Shannon Tollefson, a court clerk at Greeley Municipal Court, has verified audio of the court hearing where Angie was charged with a traffic offense
  • Det. Mark Stumpf of Greeley PD has explained how bank statements for Monica Zapata’s (Angie’s sister) debit card correlate to expenditure made after debit card was stolen
  • Angie Tyree, who lived with Andrade, has confirmed that he had a PT Cruiser ‘for a week or two’ and talked with Andrade while he was in jail

I’m writing this at a little after 9.30pm London time (7 hours ahead of Colorado) and the afternoon session has been underway for around an hour. At the time of writing, the court has just heard the tape recording between Andrade and Tyree containing some of the now infamous hate speech commentary he made.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll post a summary of the Monday afternoon session…


Monday, April 20 – afternoon session

  • data not allowed
  • Cross-examination of Angie Tyree continued
  • Audio recording of phone call between Tyree and Andrade played to the court
  • Yvonne Woods of Colorado Bureau of Investigation, testified wrt hair and fiber analysis
  • Sarah Lewis, also of Colorado Bureau of Investigation, discussed forensic tests carried out on various items found at the crime scene.
  • Cristian Rubio Mocospace executive (social networking site where Angie and Mr Andrade are thought to have met)
  • Felicia Mendoza, ex-girlfriend of Mr Andrade testified.
  • Audio recordings of phone calls between Mendoza and Andrade played; more to follow tomorrow (Tuesday)


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