Angie Zapata murder trial – Friday morning overview, April 17

April 17, 2009

Light a candle for AngieFrom the Greeley Tribune:

Gruesome photos of Angie Zapata’s beaten body laying on her apartment floor were displayed during this morning’s session of the murder trial of Allen Andrade today as prosecutors laid out the crime scene for a Weld District Court jury.


Greeley police officer Clay Buckingham spent the morning on the stand describing evidence taken from the crime scene as well as from Zapata’s sister’s PT Cruiser, in which Andrade was arrested on July 30.


Attorneys displayed evidence, including suspected fire extinguisher in court […]

The suspected fire extinguisher was found Sept. 9 in a median on U.s. 34 near the Greeley Mall.

ETA, Friday afternoon:

The first few times, it almost seemed like the public defenders were misspeaking.

But then, those watching the murder trial of Allen Andrade started muttering under their breaths. Witnesses on the stand continued to correct the attorneys questioning them.

Family members and friends echoed repeatedly, “my sister,” “Angie,” one by one on the stand Friday as public defenders Annette Kundelius and Brad Martin questioned them about “Justin.”


The purpose of this hateful misgendering of Angie Zapata is an attempt to pave the way for the trans panic defense; by the use of this tactic, the public defenders seek to imply that Ms Zapata was deceitful and as a result Mr Andrade’s violent reaction was somehow justified.

[Angie’s eldest sister, Monica Murguia], who Zapata lived with three months prior to moving to her own apartment, offered a different idea when it came to the deception theory. She said Zapata told everyone she met that she was transgender.

“Angie did tell everyone who she was,” Murguia said.

Maricella Meza, Zapata’s friend of five months, agreed: “She told me right away, about a month after I knew her.”


Let us hope the jury are able to see through the dirty tricks campaign of Mr Andrade’s attorneys.

Angie Zapata’s sisters Monica Murguia, left, and Ashley Zapata - image from the Greeley Tribune


The murder trial of Allen Andrade will continue at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, April 20, and is expected to last until Friday.


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3 Responses to “Angie Zapata murder trial – Friday morning overview, April 17”

  1. queen emily Says:

    That story was surprisingly good, about the pronouns. But fuck that’s a dirty, hateful tactic.

  2. Helen G Says:

    I know that a fair trial is, or should be, everyone’s right – but I’m finding it hard to understand the defense lawyers’ methods when:
    (a) the accused has already confessed, and
    (b) the aim of the misgendering is to play the trans panic card – a defense which has, in my view, been nullified by the fact that the accused knew about Angie’s history at least 36 hours before.

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